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Show your everlasting love with a never-ending circle of promise. Our promise rings are thoughtfully designed in a variety of romantic styles for both him and her. Explore matching promise rings for couples or find the perfect promise ring to surprise your partner. Our platinum and gold promise rings are expertly crafted and many designs include diamonds, sapphires or other gemstones. Find the perfect ring to symbolize your connection.

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FAQs about Promise Rings For Couples

A promise ring is a symbolic ring that shows your relationship has taken the next step in commitment. When a couple is committed to one another but not looking to get engaged at the present time, they can exchange rings as a promise of their continued love and commitment to one another. Promise rings often serve as a prelude to an engagement ring, though some couples wear promise ring sets in lieu of engagement and wedding rings altogether.

Promise rings are typically exchanged as a precursor to an engagement ring. They signify love and your commitment to your relationship.

Our promise rings start at a few hundred dollars and can go up to thousands, all depending on the type of metal used, the complexity of the designs and whether the rings include diamonds or gemstones.

No, a promise ring signifies that a couple is committed to one another, but is usually given before the couple is ready to get engaged.

A promise ring is typically worn on the ring finger or the fourth finger of the left hand. A promise ring can later be stacked with an engagement ring on the ring finger, or moved to the right hand.

There’s no specific time when a couple should exchange promise rings for him and her. Whether you’re looking to wear matching rings with your partner or you’re purchasing a promise ring for them as a surprise, there is no exact time the ring needs to be given. Some couples opt for this symbolic jewellery after a set amount of time, such as a certain number of years they’ve been dating. You can give your partner a promise ring when the time feels right to signify the progression of your relationship.

We offer a wide variety of designs including matching promise rings set in gold or platinum. Choose from promise ring sets with complementary designs or individual rings that each encompass your unique personalities. We also offer unisex promise rings in precious metals for the perfect fit. The best couples promise rings are ones that match your style, your partner’s style and your budget. Many of our engravable jewellery styles make perfect promise rings.

Promise rings for couples are often replaced by wedding styles after marriage. The promise ring can be added to the wedding ring stack or worn as a right hand ring. Some people prefer to hang their promise ring from a necklace after they’re married.

As with many pieces of jewellery, the exact symbolism of a promise ring will be unique to its wearer. Generally, this jewellery symbolizes commitment between two people.

While there are many believed notions regarding how much to spend on an engagement ring, promise rings are a little different. You should spend the amount you’re most comfortable with. If you are planning on proposing to your partner at a later date, you may want to opt for a promise ring that can be complementary to the next ring you buy your partner.

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