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Birthstone Rings

Celebrate life’s important events with a symbolic birthstone ring. Whether you’re gifting to someone or purchasing for yourself, birthstone rings make an impressive and personal addition to any fine jewelry collection.


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FAQs about Birthstone Rings

Some months, like June, are represented by two birthstones, which are pearl and moonstone. The rest of the months have just one designated gemstone, like shimmering garnets for January or brilliant diamonds for April.

Every birthstone holds a special place in our hearts and each one carries a different meaning based on the stone's qualities. What makes a birthstone special is the significance it holds for you or the person you're gifting it to.

Although birthstones rings for mom to commemorate each child's birthday used to be one of the most traditional uses, birthstone rings are experiencing a major uptick in popularity due to the rise and significance of individual expression. Adding a personal touch to your wardrobe by wearing a birthstone ring is a simple and meaningful way to showcase your unique style.

A ruby of spectacular quality is often more expensive than emeralds, sapphires and even diamonds. However, several factors such as cut, size and clarity impact the value of a gemstone, so rubies won't always necessarily be more expensive than other birthstones.

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