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Amethyst Rings

A perfectly purple amethyst ring brings eye-catching color to any jewelry collection. Worn on their own or as part of a stack, our real amethyst rings are crafted for excellence. Silver, platinum and white gold amethyst rings offer intriguing contrast while yellow and rose gold amethyst rings have a warm glow. Expertly designed and lovingly passed to future generations, an amethyst ring is a treasure for years to come.
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Amethyst Ring

FAQs about Amethyst Rings

What does an amethyst ring symbolize?

Amethyst rings most commonly represent the month of February, as these purple gems are the birthstone for February. They are believed to act as a good luck stone for people born in February, along with offering calming energy for many wearers.

In addition to being February's birthstone, an amethyst ring represents inner peace and tranquility. These violet gems are well-regarded as stress relievers, and gifting an amethyst ring is a wonderful way to offer a grounding piece of jewelry to someone you adore. 

How much are amethyst rings worth?

An amethyst ring is worth the combination of the gemstones it holds and the precious metals it's made with. Gold and platinum rings with amethysts will cost more than silver rings with this gem, and deeper-colored amethysts usually cost more than lighter hues. Ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, you're sure to find a beaming amethyst ring to fit your budget.

On which finger should I wear an amethyst ring?

As with all jewelry, amethyst rings can be worn in any way that works for you. If you’re wearing an amethyst engagement ring, this jewelry is likely best to wear on the fourth finger of your left hand. Some people choose to wear amethyst engagement rings or fashion styles as right hand rings. Any approach that reflects your style and personality is a great choice for wearing amethyst wedding rings, engagement styles and fashion rings.

While you can wear a silver, platinum or gold amethyst ring on any finger you prefer, you may want to take the gem’s hardness into consideration. Amethyst ranks 7 on the Mohs scale, making it quite tough, but not immune to damage. To help protect your ring from unexpected impact, you can place it on either your third or fourth finger on your non-dominant hand. You can also preserve your ring's integrity with proper jewelry cleaning and storage.

Many people choose to wear a gold or silver amethyst ring on the middle finger of their right hand as they believe this improves the gemstone’s positive qualities. In terms of style, amethysts are beautiful when worn on any finger. 

Are amethyst rings in style?

Whether you're looking to add some color to your closet or hoping to benefit from the calming essence of this popular purple stone, yellow, rose and white gold amethyst rings are an on-trend jewelry choice. Yes, gold, platinum and silver amethyst rings are always in style.

Contemporary designs include stacking amethyst rings with emerald rings and sapphire rings. These three gemstones sit within the same color scheme and naturally draw your gaze when layered together. White gold amethyst rings are popular for fashionable graduation and birthday gifts, while rose and yellow gold amethyst rings are made modern with open-ended designs. 

How do I clean an amethyst ring?

Silver, platinum and gold amethyst rings are easily cleaned with mild soapy water or a professional jewelry cleaning solution. Keep your gemstone free of buildup with regular cleaning. You can visit our gemstone guide to learn more about caring for rings with these gems.

What does this gemstone symbolize?

Historically linked to royalty, amethyst is a powerful purple-hued gemstone that is widely believed to symbolize purity, peace, love, and cleansing. When amethysts are set with other gemstones, they gain additional symbolism. For example, an amethyst and diamond ring can represent calm, affection and even the promise of eternal love.

Do amethysts make good engagement jewelry?

An amethyst engagement ring is a unique choice that’s increasingly popular. With the stone’s symbolic connections to purity and love, it’s a beautifully poetic gemstone for engagement jewelry.

Who should wear this kind of ring?

Men’s and women’s amethyst rings are popular for people of all ages. They’re commonly worn by people born in February, but anyone can wear an amethyst ring. Anyone with an appreciation for the vivid violet shades of the amethyst gemstone should consider adding amethyst rings to their jewelry collection.

Is real amethyst expensive?

The deeper the shade of amethyst, the more expensive it will be. Lighter-colored hues of this gemstone are the most affordable option, but all shades of real amethyst rings are more affordable than some other gemstones such as diamonds. You can learn more about gemstone color to see what makes amethyst rings such a unique choice.

How do I find the right ring size?

Our ring size chart makes it easy to figure out your own ring size or someone else’s size.

What metals best match this gemstone?

If you’re looking to interplay with additional colors, amethyst rings for women and men in rose and yellow gold are a standout choice. For a look that focuses on the gemstone, consider a platinum, silver or white gold amethyst ring.

Are multi-gemstone designs available?

We offer solitaire amethyst rings along with multi-gemstone designs to match any style. Multi-gemstone options include additional gems such as blue topaz, citrine, aquamarine, garnet, peridot, ruby, and morganite

Do rings with amethysts make good gifts?

Yes, rings with amethysts are the perfect gift for new moms, weddings, birthdays, graduations or any other gift-giving occasion! They're also a wonderfully symbolic anniversary gift.

How do you style amethyst rings?

An amethyst ring is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection because it can be worn on its own or as part of a ring stacking look. The unique purple shades of amethyst make this gem a popular choice for any style, from opulent cocktail rings to smaller stacking bands and everything in between. 

Can amethyst rings be worn everyday?

Yes, amethyst rings are fit for frequent wear. Make sure to avoid exposing your gold, platinum or silver amethyst ring to sudden temperature changes, harsh chemicals or cosmetics.

What happens if my ring size changes?

There are several things you can do if your ring size changes, including adding spacer bands or getting certain amethyst ring styles resized. Contact our jewelry experts to learn about your options.

What colors do amethyst rings come in?

Rich purple is the most common gemstone shade for platinum, silver and gold amethyst rings. Lighter amethyst shades are also popular, bringing a softer iliac hue to this jewelry. You can visit our local jewelry stores or browse our pieces online to see some of our most popular amethyst ring shades.

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