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Signet Rings

Wear a modern take on the classic signet ring with a gold, silver or diamond design. Our men’s and women’s signet rings offer a standout silhouette with fashion-focused touches. Add a level of sophistication with a signet pinky style or opt for a bigger presence with a larger signet ring on any finger. A yellow gold signet ring is always in style, while white gold brings updated designs to this timeless look.
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White gold and diamond signet ring

FAQs about Signet Rings

What is a signet ring?

Signet rings are jewelry that brings a lot of history. These rings are identified by their shape in which a flat surface, the ring’s face, is typically the largest part of the ring. This surface is often disc-shaped, square, rectangular or oval-shaped and can include engravings, designs or gemstones. 

In centuries past, such as during Ancient Egyptian or more recent Victorian times, signet rings were used to sign documents. The rings would feature a flat metal face or stone that was engraved with identifying information for the owner, such as a family crest. The ring would be placed onto hot wax or clay to sign documents. They were often worn as pinky rings. 

Today, signet rings are more of a fashion choice than one linked to practicality. They still bring the classic flat-faced profile, but without the need for actual stamping or engraving, these rings have been updated with new styles that bring them into modern fashion. Today, signet rings can feature diamonds or other details that make them a great choice for men and women alike. 

Do signet rings have historical significance?

When it comes to jewelry, signet rings are styles with strong historical ties. They were used for centuries to sign documents, seal envelopes and simply to demonstrate one’s social status.

What does wearing a signet ring mean?

While signet rings historically represented social stature, they’re more accessible for wear by anyone today. In modern-day style, wearing a signet ring simply means you enjoy this style of jewelry. It can also represent family history, a personal accomplishment or any other significance that is unique to the wearer.

Can anyone have a signet ring?

If you’ve been wondering whether women can wear signet rings, the answer is absolutely! This revived jewelry style is popular for women’s styles, men’s signet rings and looks that aren’t specific to any gender.

Do you wear a signet ring on the left hand or right hand?

Women's and men’s signet rings were traditionally worn on the pinky finger of the right hand. But today, modern takes on this style can be worn on any finger of either hand.

What is the best way to care for signet rings?

Women's and men’s signet rings are best maintained with regular upkeep such as polishing and jewelry cleaning. For gold signet rings, consider a specialized cleaner or polishing cloth. Silver signet rings can be softer than some metals and may require extra care for storage and wear.

Which shape is best for men’s and women’s signet rings?

The signet shape that’s best is the one that fits your style. Many people prefer the classic oval or circular signets, but there are many styles to choose from.

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