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Women's Rings

Women's rings are classic and timeless accessories for personal adornment, and we offer women's wedding bands for every bride on her special day. Popular choices include shimmering diamond wedding rings with a traditional gold band or an enduring platinum setting that accentuates the diamonds' shine.
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Women's Rings

FAQs about Women's Rings

How many rings should women wear?

There is no hard and fast rule for how many rings a woman should wear. After getting married, many women choose to wear their diamond wedding ring along with their engagement ring. Today, couples often shop together for their engagement and wedding rings to ensure the perfect wedding ring pairing to cherish forever. If you love accessorizing, we also carry fine fashion rings for women that you can wear on a different finger or your other hand when you want to make a style statement.

How much should you spend on a woman's wedding band?

Women's wedding bands have a wide price range, starting from a few hundred dollars for a gold band with small, delicate diamonds to tens of thousands of dollars for women's diamond rings in an eternity design and a platinum setting. There is no "right" amount to spend on women's rings—rather, the process of choosing the right ring should focus on finding a ring in a style and design you love and a price point you're comfortable with.

What is the most special birthstone?

Many rings for women come with fine colored gemstones, imbuing them with rich meaning and symbolism. Some of these gemstones serve as birthstones for different months of the year, like sapphire for September and ruby for July. Each gemstone has its own unique meaning, making them all an equally special choice for a beautiful birthstone ring.

What kind of rings are in style?

Women's rings are available in an extensive array of designs. Our most popular styles include pavé women's diamond rings with a glittering row of small sparkling diamonds and twist women's wedding bands with supremely elegant appeal. Gold settings for women are always a classic choice as well, and you can choose from our yellow gold, white gold and rose gold bands to match your aesthetic.

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