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Emerald Rings

Add a touch of the extraordinary with our collection of enchanting emerald rings. These lush green gems are coveted for their vivid hues and rarity. Whether you choose this gem’s namesake shape in yellow gold, a baguette cut emerald set in white gold or a breathtaking cabochon in a halo of diamonds, emerald rings make a seriously gorgeous statement piece. Explore our selection of emerald rings for women and men to find the perfect green gem ring.
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Emerald Rings

FAQs about Emerald Rings

What does an emerald ring mean?

Each gemstone has its own special meaning, and emeralds have some of the most notable meanings. Emerald rings are said to bring good fortune, new life and longevity to the wearer. Emeralds have long been seen as a symbol of unwavering love and devotion, and wearing an emerald ring can carry this gem’s most iconic symbolism.

What is the best color for an emerald?

Gemstone color has one of the biggest impacts on value. The most highly prized colors for an emerald range from bluish green to pure deep green, with a vivid saturation and transparency. The color of high-quality emeralds is distributed evenly throughout the gemstone.

When it comes to silver and gold emerald rings, the most popular gemstone shades are rich greens. The darker the gem in an emerald ring, the more value it has.  

Are emerald rings expensive?

The cost of an emerald ring depends on the choice of metal and the gemstone itself. Emerald engagement rings can be more affordable than diamond rings or more expensive if they feature an eye-clean stone. Emeralds free of inclusions are rare but part of the appeal of emerald jewelry is its included look, known as "jardin."

Though the feature gem in an emerald ring is particularly rare, these rich green gemstones are priced for a variety of budgets. A standalone sterling silver emerald ring will have a lower price than an intricate emerald and diamond ring. 

What month is emerald's birthstone?

These luxe green gems carry the rich hues of spring flowers and welcome those born in the month of May. As May’s birthstone, emeralds are closely linked to rebirth and renewal, making them the ideal stone for spring babies. An emerald ring makes an excellent birthday gift, graduation present, anniversary gift or present for any other celebration.

How do you clean this kind of ring?

The best way to clean your green emerald ring is to soak it in warm, soapy water for a few minutes and then pat the ring dry. You can also gently scrub the ring with a soft-bristled brush to remove any buildup.

We do not recommend putting your emerald ring in steam or ultrasonic cleaners. These green gems are especially susceptible to damage from these cleaning techniques. A gentle cleaning approach is the best fit for emerald rings.  

Can emerald rings for women be worn everyday?

Ranging from 7.5 to 10 on the Mohs scale, emerald rings for women and men are perfect for daily wear. Strong metals, such as gold, can offer additional protection for this gemstone. Whether you’re looking for an emerald ring in gold, silver or platinum, we have the perfect fit.

Is this jewelry in style?

Enchanting emerald rings for women are always in style! They’re popular fashion rings and also make standout wedding bands.

What is the right ring size?

You can use our online ring size chart to discover your own ring size or the size for your partner. We offer a wide selection of men’s and women’s silver, platinum and gold emerald rings to fit many sizes.

What jewelry matches emerald rings?

These green rings are easy to coordinate with many different styles. For easy coordination, you can match your emerald ring to other emerald jewelry. You can also match the metals of your jewelry, pairing your gold emerald ring with additional gold jewelry or silver styles with silver bracelets.

Are rings with emerald gemstones durable?

Yes, especially rings in durable metals like silver and gold. A gold emerald ring is an especially popular choice for frequent wear.

Does Blue Nile sell real emerald rings?

At Blue Nile, we only sell real emerald rings. Some emerald gemstones may be enhanced for added durability and beauty, but these gems are still authentic emeralds. Visit our gemstone guide to learn more about emeralds.

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