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Garnet Rings

Garnet’s rich color sets it apart as the perfect gemstone for rings of all styles. From fiery red to deep burgundy, this gem is the perfect gift for January birthdays, romantic holidays or just because. Explore modern, classic and today’s trendiest styles of gold garnet rings.
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Garnet Ring

FAQs about Garnet Rings

How expensive is garnet?

Garnet rings can range from a few hundred dollars to ten of thousands of dollars. Large garnets that have no inclusions rise rapidly in price, while smaller, or flawed garnets, are not as expensive. Gorgeous garnet rings can be found at every price point, from conservative to luxury.

Can you wear garnet everyday?

Garnet rings can be worn every day, with variable care, depending on the hardness of your particular stone. Since garnets can range between 6.5 and 7.5 on the Mohs scale, harder stones can be worn every day, and the softer stones can be worn when some care is taken to avoid high stress activities.

How can you tell a real garnet?

If you purchased one of our garnet rings, rest-assured that your piece is authentic. While all of our jewelry is genuine, not all retailers operate the same way. The easiest way to determine if your garnet is authentic is to take it to a jeweler, as it can be difficult to tell if your stone is a garnet, ruby or an artificial piece.

Do garnets scratch easily?

Garnets can range from 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means stones on the lower end of the scale easier to scratch, while stones on the higher end of the scale are much harder to damage. Overall, garnets don't scratch easily, however, stones on the lower end of the scale should be worn with more care.

Which finger should you wear a garnet ring on?

Many people choose to wear their white gold garnet ring as a right hand ring, which means they’d wear it on the fourth finger of their right hand next to their pinky. There are no set rules for which fingers you should wear rings on and you should wear your garnet ring on whichever finger you’d like.

What does this gemstone symbolize?

The deep red hues of garnet link the gemstone to love. Gold garnet rings often symbolize love or friendship. This gem is also January’s birthstone.

What’s the best way to clean the ring?

A gentile soap or jewelry cleaner is the best way to keep your pieces shining. Wipe the surface of your stone regularly with a soft cloth to prevent buildup.

Can you wear garnet rings every day?

Yes, many garnet rings are perfect for daily wear. Many couples opt for a garnet engagement ring, choosing gold or platinum settings that help provide additional protection for the gemstone.

What’s my ring size?

You can learn how to measure your ring size on our website, along with ordering a free sizer if needed.

What kind of metal is best for a garnet ring?

Gold is the most popular metal for garnet. Choose from yellow, white or rose gold garnet rings in a variety of styles and shapes.

Are garnet rings in style?

Whether you choose a solitaire gemstone or a multi-gemstone ring featuring garnets alongside other gems, this stylish stone is sure to steal the show. Garnet's striking hues are always in style.

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