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Rose Gold Rings

Rosy, radiant and romantic, our rose gold rings are sure to delight in any style. Choose what suits you best from smooth, simple bands worn for everyday occasions to striking rose gold ruby rings that pack a punch and will turn heads just about anywhere.
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Rose Gold Rings

FAQs about Rose Gold Rings

Is rose gold better than white gold?

Rose gold is more durable than white gold due to the addition of copper that gives rose gold its signature blushy hue. White gold has a rhodium plating that needs to be redipped every few years to retain its silver-like color. Both rose gold and white gold are excellent options, but what matters most when choosing a metal is simply your personal preference.

Does rose gold make diamonds look yellow?

Diamonds are reflective and can mirror their surroundings, including the color of the band and the prongs holding the stone. Rose gold has a harmonious relationship with diamonds, but some color reflection in the diamond is possible with rose or yellow gold settings.

Are rose gold rings in style?

Rose gold has been one of the trendier options for the last few years and has been featured in many editorials and fashion magazines. While rose gold dates back to Victorian style in the 19th century, this blushing metal is currently enjoying the spotlight and rose gold gemstone rings or engagement rings are sure to make you stand out.

How long do rose gold rings last?

The copper in rose gold oxidizes over time, creating a deeper pink or slightly red hue in your rose gold ring. However, some people love the look of rose gold as it changes color and consider the antiquing process a beautiful evolution of their jewelry.

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