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Platinum Rings

Platinum rings are one of the most popular choices for wedding bands and engagement rings that will endure as long as your love. Platinum rings are ideal for wedding styles or fine fashion jewelry with staying power. Rings made of platinum have a beautiful white sheen for a classic wedding ring look, and platinum also offers the most secure setting for dazzling diamonds and gorgeous gemstones. 
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Platinum Rings

FAQs about Platinum Rings

Is platinum more expensive than gold?

Platinum is generally more expensive than gold because it is rarer and more durable. Platinum is actually 30 times rarer than gold, and its high level of purity also makes it naturally hypoallergenic. It is a very dense metal with a striking white color guaranteed to never fade.

Can platinum be worn daily?

The incredible durability of platinum means that platinum wedding rings can absolutely be worn every day. Though extraordinarily strong, platinum can develop a scratch and a patina, but a quick buff with a soft cloth will restore its luster. You can also keep your platinum band looking good as new with a regular cleaning using warm, soapy water and a soft brush.

Is platinum better than white gold?

Platinum and white gold are similar in appearance. They both have a silvery shine that accentuates the sparkle of diamonds and gemstones. While platinum rings are the more durable option, white gold is plated with exceptionally strong rhodium and is an excellent choice for everyday wear as well. Your choice of wedding band should be based on your budget and on the metal and ring design that most appeals to you.

How do you clean platinum rings?

If you’re wondering how to clean platinum rings for lasting sparkle, you’ll need a jewelry cleaning solution and a soft cloth. Clean the ring and buff it with a polishing cloth once it’s dry. Over time, a platinum ring may form a patina that can be easily buffed by a jeweler. If the ring features gemstones, we suggest following extra gemstone care steps to keep styles such as platinum diamond rings at their best.

How much are platinum rings?

Because this precious metal is incredibly rare, platinum rings for women and men will cost more than ones made of gold. The exact price will depend on the ring’s complexity along with its gemstones.

What are the benefits of platinum rings?

Looking for a ring you can wear without worry? Platinum rings for men and women are a great choice! These rings offer benefits including fade-free wear and durability. Platinum is also a popular style of hypoallergenic jewelry that’s suited for daily wear.

Is platinum better than gold?

These precious metals are both exceptional choices for fine jewelry. The “better” metal is the one that matches your budget and wear preferences. Both gold rings and platinum rings offer their own benefits and considerations for jewelry shopping.

Do rings made of platinum fade?

Platinum rings do not fade. They may form a patina over time, but their color stays consistent. A platinum ring can be restored to its original shine with buffing from a jeweler.

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