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Eternity Rings

Back-to-back or interwoven stones create the seamless shape of an eternity ring born to symbolize your love. Pavé set diamond eternity rings offer 360 degrees of shine to dazzle from any angle, while bezel set eternity wedding rings add a bubbly quality to your promise band.

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Eternity Ring

FAQs about Eternity Rings

What does an eternity ring symbolizes?

An eternity ring symbolizes never-ending love. The seamless row of stones creates a ring without a beginning or end, and this is taken to represent boundless love that will last forever. Whether that love is between partners, friends or family members is up to you.

When should you receive an eternity ring?

Eternity rings are often received for an anniversary gift. They can be given at any year of marriage, but common times are after five or ten years. The birth of a child is also an opportune time to receive an eternity ring, as another person has now joined your circle of endless love.

What finger do you wear an eternity ring on?

Eternity rings are usually worn alongside the engagement ring, and can be used as the wedding band. If another eternity ring is received, it is placed on the other side of the engagement ring creating a dazzling combination of jewels.

What is an eternity ring given for?

Eternity rings can be given as promise rings, engagement gifts and push presents, which celebrates the birth of a baby. Parents can give their children eternity rings to represent their never-ending love, and partners often gift each other eternity rings for the same reason.

What is the difference between a wedding band and an eternity ring?

A wedding band refers to any ring that is used during the wedding ceremony, whereas an eternity ring can act as a wedding band or as an any-occasion ring. An eternity ring features a neverending ring of stones which represents endless love. This makes eternity rings excellent choice for a wedding band, but it is also an striking gift for other special moments.

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