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Vintage Rings

Every piece of jewelry has a story, and vintage-inspired rings carry rich narratives reflected in their traditional styles and intricate designs. Men's vintage-look rings and vintage-inspired rings for women offer timeless pieces with individual spirit made from 14k or 18k gold and featuring gorgeous stones.
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Vintage Ring

FAQs about Vintage Rings

Are vintage rings more expensive?

Vintage-inspired rings can be found in any price range, from under a thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Often, a vintage-inspired ring will offer unparalleled beauty and a high standard of craftsmanship that raises the price quickly.

What is a vintage ring?

A vintage ring is an authentic piece of jewelry that was created years ago, with no specific year being considered the start of the "vintage" qualification. These pieces are often more ornate than modern rings, with intricate spirals, decadent stones and deep settings that aren't as common in newly crafted accessories.

What are vintage-inspired rings?

Vintage-inspired rings are modern rings that are styled to look like rings of years gone by. These rings take the older, ornate designs of the past and make brand new rings influenced by the aesthetic of classic jewelry.

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