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White Gold Rings

White gold rings have a silvery sheen that provides a stunning showcase for a sparkling center diamond or a colorful gemstone. Gorgeous engagement and wedding ring styles, from white gold rings for men to white gold garnet rings, ensure that the symbol of your love is truly one of a kind.
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White Gold Rings

FAQs about White Gold Rings

What is white gold?

White gold is a type of gold alloyed with nickel or palladium and silver, giving white gold rings and other types of white gold jewelry a lighter, silvery-white tone. A rhodium-plated finish lends every piece that extra bit of captivating shine as well. White gold has a modern appeal, and white gold rings for men are the most common type of men's wedding bands.

Is white gold better than gold?

Pure gold has a rich, warm and luxurious appearance that has been prized by cultures all over the world, but it is too soft and malleable to be worn as jewelry. Gold alloys, like white gold, give this precious metal the strength and durability necessary for fine jewelry pieces. When well cared for, white gold rings can last for generations.

Do white gold rings turn yellow?

Over time, the rhodium plating on white gold rings can fade, and you may begin to see a slightly yellow tint. Don't worry—having your ring replated by our experts will restore its original color and luster. We offer routine cleaning and maintenance services for all our fine jewelry.

Why is white gold more expensive?

White gold can be slightly more expensive than other types of gold because of its bright rhodium plating. However, the price of any gold jewelry is also determined by factors like karat weight and design. 18k white gold rings and yellow gold rings are both more expensive than 14k gold rings due to a higher percentage of gold. White gold engagement rings with a large center stone can also cost more while pieces like a ravishing white gold garnet ring offer a more affordable price range.

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