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Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Treat yourself or someone you love to the endless brilliance of lab grown diamond rings. Men’s and women’s lab diamond rings are identical to natural ones when it comes to durability and beauty. The only difference is that these eye-catching lab diamonds were made above ground using scientific processes. Discover the affordability and timelessness of lab created diamond rings. Choose from multi-stone rings, solitaire bands and custom designs.
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Lab Grown Diamond Oval Cut Eternity Ring In 14K White Gold

FAQs about Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Are rings with lab grown diamonds worth it?

For many people, the affordability and quality of lab diamonds makes them an excellent choice for all kinds of rings. Carat for carat, you can typically get a larger or higher-quality lab diamond when comparing lab to natural diamonds at similar price points. 

It is important to note that because lab diamonds do not have the finite availability of natural diamonds, they are priced lower, and they also carry lower resale values. Additionally, some people simply do not enjoy the lab produced aspect of manufactured diamond rings. It is all about personal preference when it comes to choosing the type of diamond for a ring.

Is a lab grown diamond a good diamond for a ring?

Because lab diamonds are chemically and optically identical to natural ones, they are excellent for rings and all types of jewelry.

Where is the best place to buy lab grown diamond rings?

As with all lab grown diamond jewelry purchases, it’s best to buy from a jeweler that you trust. We offer GIA graded diamonds, including lab made diamond rings and other styles.

Are lab created diamond rings durable?

Yes, lab diamonds are just as durable as their natural counterparts. You can learn more about how lab diamonds are made to discover their incredible durability and beauty.

What designs are available?

We offer a wide selection of lab grown diamond rings, including lab engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary rings and fashion styles. Choose from solitaire rings, designs with multiple gemstones or bands that feature lab grown diamonds encircling the entire ring. Our lab created diamond rings are set in gold, platinum and other precious metals for truly durable pieces.

Do lab grown diamond rings make good gifts?

Our lab diamond men’s rings and women’s rings are excellent gifts for any occasion. Celebrate a special birthday with a lab diamond ring or gift your graduate a memorable piece of jewelry they’re sure to cherish for years to come. Use our free ring sizer to find the perfect fit.

What is the best way to care for lab created lab diamond rings?

Because lab created diamond rings are just as durable as rings with other gemstones, they are easy to maintain. To keep your lab created diamond ring at its best, use a gentle cleaning solution and polish your ring’s metal regularly.

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