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Topaz Rings

Topaz rings shine in an array of beautiful blue hues ranging from light sky blue to deep and soothing gray-blue shades. The birthstone for December, blue topaz looks gorgeous in a white gold band and pairs effortlessly with accent diamonds and other colored gemstones.
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Topaz Ring

FAQs about Topaz Rings

Is topaz good for a ring?

Topaz is a fantastic gemstone for a ring, both because of its charming color and dazzling sparkle and because of its relative durability. An 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, topaz is not immune to chipping and scratching, but it can remain in excellent condition for generations to come with the right care. Blue topaz rings can be worn every day, just make sure you remove them before activities like cleaning and gardening and store them in a jewelry box at the end of the day.

What does topaz symbolize?

Topaz has a deep history of symbolism stretching back through the Renaissance and to the ancient Greek world. It is traditionally believed to promote strength, alleviate sadness and anger, and assure health and long life. Topaz has also come to represent love and beauty, and this beguiling blue gemstone is often worn to stimulate the intellect and enhance creativity.

Is topaz expensive?

Topaz is a comparatively affordable gemstone due to its abundance on the market. Stunning sterling silver topaz rings with large cushion-cut gems are available starting around just several hundred dollars and make wonderful December birthstone gifts. Our white gold topaz rings are also an exquisite option for an alternative engagement ring and range in price from around seven hundred to two thousand dollars.

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