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Stackable Rings

Sit at the peak of fashion with trendy stackable rings in gold, silver, rose gold and platinum. Customize your personal stack with simple bands, 14k gold stackable rings and other ornate pieces that fit together flawlessly. There's no shortage of stylish options to reflect your personality and style.


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FAQs about Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are rings that can be worn one on top of the other on the same finger. Designs are often simple, including one or two straight bands or one straight and one textured band. Highly embellished rings can also be stacked, often mixed with thinner bands to create a dynamic yet balanced look.

You can wear stackable rings on any finger you wish. Commonly, the left hand's fourth finger holds a stack of rings as engagement rings are often nestled between the wedding band and third ring given as an anniversary gift. All other fingers can host a stack of rings with some even being worn halfway up the finger, often referred to as a "midi stack."

One of the hottest jewelry trends is stacking rings. Unique to the individual wearing them, a stack of rings expresses personal style. Some sets of stacking rings are sold together, but you can also choose the rings yourself, creating a completely custom set that belongs only to you. Wear them everywhere and let your collection of these popular pieces adapt as you do.

Most any kind of ring can be stacked, however, it's more common to find thinner rings paired together as they make for a more comfortable wear. Rings with thick bands are harder to stack, but it's all about your preference and style. Diamond rings are often stacked with arcing bands that curve to the gem's shape. There's truly no limit to what rings you could set together, so dream big and let your imagination lead the way.

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