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Stackable Rings

Create a standout look with stackable rings in silver, gold or platinum. Customize your personal ring stack with simple bands, curved styles or gemstone-packed stacking rings. There's no shortage of fashionable options to reflect your personality and style.
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FAQs about Stackable Rings

What are stackable rings?

Stackable rings, also known as stacking rings, are rings that can be worn one on top of the other on the same finger at the same time. Designs are often simple, including one or two straight bands or one straight and one textured band. Highly embellished rings can also be stacked, often mixed with thinner bands to create a dynamic yet balanced look. Stacking rings are often thinner bands that can be easily paired together while still maintaining comfort for the wearer.

On what fingers can you wear stackable rings?

Silver, platinum and gold stacking rings can be worn on any finger you’d like! Commonly, married people will wear a set of stacked wedding rings on the left hand’s fourth finger. A wedding ring stack typically includes an engagement ring, wedding band and third ring that is often given as an anniversary gift. Of course, stacking rings aren’t just for wedding styles. All other fingers can host a stack of rings with some even being worn halfway up the finger, often referred to as a "midi stack." Today, more people are having fun combining jewelry selections to meet their personal style, with stacking rings offering the right stylistic variety. You can wear stacking rings on any finger you’d like.

Are stackable rings popular?

One of the hottest jewelry trends is stacking rings. Unique to the individual wearing them, a stack of rings expresses personal style. Some sets of stacking rings are sold together, but you can also choose the rings yourself, creating a completely custom set that belongs only to you. Wear them everywhere and let your collection of these popular pieces adapt as you do.

What kind of rings are stackable?

Most any kind of ring can be stacked, however, it's more common to find thinner rings paired together as they make for a more comfortable wear. Rings with thick bands are harder to stack, but it's all about your preference and style. Diamond rings are often stacked with arcing bands that curve to the gem's shape. There's truly no limit to what rings you could set together, so dream big and let your imagination lead the way.

Are wedding rings stackable rings?

Yes, stackable wedding bands are technically stacking rings, but they are not regarded in the same casual fashion jewelry light that’s reserved for non-wedding stacking rings. Stacked wedding rings worn as part of someone’s wedding ring set on their ring finger will often feature the most precious metals and gemstones, such as eternity bands with platinum and diamonds. Wearers of stacked wedding rings may change up the order of their wedding stack, but the core rings are typically kept in the set.

What karat is best for gold stacking rings?

When wearing jewelry pieces close together, you’ll want to choose a durable option in terms of fineness. 14 and 18 karat stackable rings for women are the best options for durability and style.

How many rings can you wear at once?

The short answer is that you can wear as many rings as you’re comfortable with. You'll want to make sure that you build a ring stack that sits comfortably below or between your knuckles. In general, this will be between three and four rings per finger. But the exact number will depend on your style, the ring thickness and the length of your fingers.

Can you mix metals in stacking rings?

Absolutely! Mixing metals for a stacked set is one of the best ways to create a dynamic look for this popular jewelry trend. We recommend sticking with metals of the same karat, such as mixing 14k yellow and rose gold stackable rings.

How should stacking rings be worn?

This fresh jewelry style can be worn in any way to match your personal preferences. Many people choose to alternate between plain bands, such as simple white gold stackable rings, and more detailed rings within the look, such as diamond stacking rings. But this is all the fun of stacking rings, there is no set rule for how to wear them. You can choose the rings that best match your personality and style.

Do you need to size up when stacking rings?

Because stacking rings are thinner, you will likely not need to size up when wearing multiples. Use our ring size guide to find the right fit.

What does a ring stack symbolize?

Wearing multiple rings together in a stack is a personal choice of the wearer. The symbolism of the rings will be unique to the individual. Some people wear stacking rings to symbolize life milestones, such as a ring for each of their children. Some stacks contain birthstones for the special meaning these gems bring. Other people simply wear this style because they enjoy how it looks. Your reason for wearing stacked rings is all your own, and you can find symbolism in your own personal stack.

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