Are There Rings that Can't Be Resized?

Stack of rings including non-resizable eternity bands and tungsten ring.

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There are many different ring styles, sizes and fits that impact the wearability of your jewelry. If your ring size changes over time, you may be looking to change the fit of your ring. Some engagement rings and wedding bands are more resizable than others. In fact, rings made from alternative metals or designs with certain complex settings may not be able to be resized at all. 

If you’re shopping for the perfect jewelry, it’s important to choose a ring that can fit your needs for long-term wear. This may mean choosing rings that can be resized or choosing designs that may not be resized if you’re comfortable with your fit for an extended period.

Rings that cannot be resized include tungsten rings, titanium rings and some eternity rings. There may be other designs that can’t be adjusted for size changes, but these three types are the most common non-resizable rings.  

Why Some Rings Can’t Be Resized

Metal types and setting styles can make resizing difficult or impossible for certain rings. This is because of how the sizing process works. You want to make sure that any resizing doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of your ring. Some metals, like tungsten and titanium, can’t withstand the resizing process. Other designs like eternity rings or very intricate and thin bands cannot be resized while maintaining the ring’s durability. 

Tungsten Rings and Resizing

Asymmetrical Black & Blue Engraved Wedding Ring In Tungsten

Tungsten rings are one of the most popular alternative metals for men’s wedding rings. These eye-catching rings feature the beauty of this durable metal. They are available in white, black, gray and two-tone designs. The strength of tungsten makes it a non-resizable ring. These rings cannot be stretched or cut, and resizing may result in accidentally breaking the ring. 

If your tungsten ring is the wrong size, we offer easy returns that make it easy to find your better fit. When your ring is too large, resizing inserts may help it fit more snugly. 

Eternity Rings and Resizing

Lab Grown Diamond Oval Cut Eternity Ring In 14K White Gold

Some eternity rings can be resized, but not all can be sized up or sized down. The wraparound diamonds and gemstones in eternity rings make them difficult to resize. If you’re considering resizing your eternity ring, check with a jeweler you trust to ensure the ring can have its size changed. Eternity rings with complex settings or minimal spaces between their stones may not be eligible for safe resizing. 

Titanium Rings and Resizing

Matte Wedding Ring In Black Titanium And Tantalum

Sleek titanium rings are another style that can’t be resized. The metal does not lend itself to the same mailability as gold, platinum or silver. Titanium is a tough metal that’s resistant to scratching, bending or chips, but this also makes it difficult to work with in terms of resizing.

If your titanium ring is too big, sizing beads or plastic sizing tools can help make the ring fit more comfortably. 

Tips for Buying Rings that Can’t be Resized

If you’re considering a ring that can’t be resized, it’s important to double-check your ring size prior to purchasing to make sure you’ve found the right fit. We invite you to visit one of our local jewelry stores to get help choosing the perfect size for your ring. 

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