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Oval Rings

Oval rings offer an exquisite alternative to the traditional round-cut diamond. Our oval diamond rings make a brilliant diamond or engagement ring for the one you love. They are available in a wide range of designs, allowing you to choose the right ring for a lifetime promise.
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Oval Ring

FAQs about Oval Rings

What does an oval ring symbolize?

Like a traditional round ring, oval rings symbolize eternal love and commitment. Because it does depart slightly from tradition, the oval shape also represents the unique and individual spirit, making it a wonderful option for creative couples. As the oval is a sign of fertility, oval diamond engagement rings are often chosen by couples who wish to welcome children.

What's the difference between an oval ring and a round ring?

Aside from the difference in shape, the main difference between an oval ring and a round ring is that an oval-cut diamond appears larger in its setting than a round-cut diamond of the same carat weight. Oval wedding rings and engagement rings can make a striking visual impact, instantly drawing the eye with their beautiful sparkle.

Are oval rings cheaper than round rings?

Yes! Oval rings tend to be more affordable than round diamond rings. In fact, they can be up to 25% less expensive than round rings of equal carat weight. Opting for an oval-cut diamond ring can give you more flexibility in your budget, making it easier to select the perfect ring design.

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