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Gold Wedding Rings

Celebrate your love with a gold wedding ring, a timeless piece that will never go out of style. Our gold wedding rings for women and men are thoughtfully crafted in 14 and 18 karat gold. Shop for simple gold wedding bands or sparkling eternity rings made using only the finest diamonds and gemstones.
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Gold Wedding Rings

FAQs about Gold Wedding Rings

What is the best gold karat for wedding rings?

We use 14 and 18 karat gold in our wedding rings.18 karat is equal to 75.0% gold and is considered to be the luxury end of fine jewelery.14 karat is equivalent to 58.3% gold and strikes a good balance between beauty and affordability.

How much should a gold wedding band cost?

Gold is traded on a public exchange, and therefore the price is subject to many external influences. That’s why the price of gold jewelry is largely dependent on three factors: Purity of gold used (the karatage), the physical weight of the item Current market value of gold Detail of the design and artisanship of the piece

Can a gold wedding ring be stretched?

Stretching gold wedding rings is not advised, especially if the band includes diamonds or gemstones. Stretching gold wedding rings can cause the metal to thin, and the band can become misshapen. It's best to have your ring professionally sized.

Are gold wedding rings in style?

Gold wedding bands have a truly timeless appeal that never goes out of style due to their durability and resistance to rust, tarnishing and corrosion.

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