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Chain Necklaces

The ultimate classic, a chain necklace is an essential piece of jewelry. Our range features simple chains and on-trend long-chain styles set in gleaming gold, sterling silver, and platinum. Paired with a sparkling diamond pendant, styled in layers or simply worn on its own—the chain necklace is a must-have piece.

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FAQs about Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces are comprised of interwoven links made of metal. There are multiple types of chain necklaces made with different link configurations. Some popular chain types include anchor chains, ball chains and box chains. Anchor chains are made of solid flat links, while ball chains are comprised of a series of tiny beads linked together. As their name describes, box chains are made of square links.

The strong interlocking metal links on chain necklaces are often thought to symbolize unity and eternal love.

While chain necklaces have been around for centuries, their popularity in the mainstream is largely attributed to hip hop and black culture. Chain necklaces are often associated with 80s hip hop artists that made them popular, such as LL Cool J and Run DMC.

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