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Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are a great way to dress up your everyday look or glam up an evening ensemble. Gold and sterling silver cuff bracelets are also available in a variety of designs, from thin and simple bracelets perfect for layering to thicker statement-making pieces with intricate details. Shop gold, silver and diamond cuff bracelets for women and men to find the perfect accessory.
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Cuff Bracelets

FAQs about Cuff Bracelets

What is a cuff bracelet?

A cuff bracelet is a style of bracelet with an opening at the wrist that allows it to be slipped on and twisted into place. They are generally worn low on the wrist and have a close fit. Women's and men's cuff bracelets both offer styles to showcase your personality and fashion sense.

What is the difference between a cuff bracelet and a bangle bracelet?

Cuff and bangle bracelets have a similar design but some important differences as well. While cuff bracelets open at the wrist, bangle bracelets form a complete circle and need to be slipped over the hand. Bangle bracelets are often stacked with other bangles and bracelet styles.

What do you wear with a cuff bracelet?

Cuff bracelets are simple enough to accentuate your favorite casual blouse and jeans combo and glamorous enough to wear for a night on the town. A yellow gold cuff bracelet will add some glitz to your little black dress, while a white gold bracelet has a chic and modern look you can easily wear to the office. Thin sterling silver cuff bracelets can also be stacked with bangles to give your outfit some extra flair.

Does this jewelry have hinges?

Most cuff-style bracelets do not have hinges, but more pieces are being designed with a hinged mechanism for easier wear. Some women’s styles of cuff bracelets feature a hinge, especially styles that are smaller in diameter and are indented to fit more snugly on the wrist.

Can cuff bracelets be worn in a stack?

Yes, many people opt to wear this style in a wrist stack alongside tennis bracelets or simple chains. For a standout look, stack a gold and diamond cuff bracelet alongside a small gold chain. Or, you can mix and match metals by stacking sterling silver cuff bracelets alongside gold bracelets.

What gemstones and metals does this style come in?

You can find cuff bracelets for women and men in precious metals such as silver and gold. They often contain plain metal designs but can also feature prominent or accenting gemstones.

How is this jewelry secured on the wrist?

Gold and sterling silver cuff bracelets are often pinched tighter once they’re on your wrist for a secure fit. For cuffs that are a little loose, consider wearing the piece higher up on your arm for a dynamic look and a more secure fit.

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