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Locket Necklaces

Lockets have been worn for centuries to hold precious memories close to the heart. Today, locket necklaces are as fashionable as ever. Whether it’s a gold engraved locket for a friend, a sweetheart locket for a romantic partner or a sleek polished silver locket for yourself, these elegant pendants are a symbol of timeless love and transcendent glamour.
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Locket Necklaces

FAQs about Locket Necklaces

What is a locket necklace?

A locket necklace is a piece of jewelry with a story inside. These charming pendants open up to reveal a small item, often a photograph, that’s a token of love and promise. The tradition of wearing lockets has spanned thousands of years and continues to be a popular fashion trend today.

What is the locket a symbol of?

Locket necklaces are sentimental keepsakes that symbolize love, romance, good luck or reaching a goal. The meaning of a locket is often deeply personal, and the significance of the pendant varies depending on who wears it.

What kind of locket necklaces are in style?

Lockets in popular metals, like rose gold, with personalized engravings are highly-sought after for necklace layering sets and affectionate mementos. Statement pieces like a Victorian spinning locket or an ornately embellished diamond locket are hot trends worth celebrating with.

Do all locket necklaces open?

Most lockets have hinges that let the wearer open the pendant, place a special treasure inside and securely close it with a small clasp. Some modern lockets are made of glass or crystal that allow you to see inside and showcase small charms.

How do you get a picture in a locket?

One of the easiest ways to get photos in lockets is to measure with paper. You can place a tissue or thin paper over the open locket and trace the outline of the photo recess. Use your tracing to cut out the perfectly matched photo that you can then glue into your locket. Many local photo printers can also print photos in locket sizes to fit perfectly in your oval, rectangle or heart locket.

What shapes do lockets come in?

Lockets are most often seen as the iconic heart shape, but not all heat necklaces are lockets. Lockets are unique with a hinge that allows the pendant to open. In addition to heart lockets, this meaningful piece of jewelry comes in other shapes such as circles, ovals and rectangles.

Can lockets be customized?

Yes, our women’s locket necklaces can be customized. Many of our lockets can be engraved.

What goes into a locket?

Lockets traditionally hold photos, with most women’s locket necklaces accommodating up to 2 photos. Lockets can also hold special notes, inspirational messages, children’s art, pet photos, travel photos, meaningful fabric or even a lock of hair. Essentially, you can put anything that’s important to you in your locket. If it’s small enough to fit in a locket, precious enough to wear close to your heart and durable enough to be worn in your jewelry, it’s perfect to put in a locket.

Do locket necklaces come with a chain?

Our locket necklaces include a matching chain. The chains for our lockets range from 16 to 35 inches long.

Is a locket a good gift to give?

Yes, women's locket necklaces are the perfect gift to give that special someone in your life. Lockets are a heartfelt gift that’s perfect for new moms, graduates, new empty nesters, pet parents and any other occasion that calls for a heartfelt message.

Are lockets modern?

Lockets have been a popular jewelry choice for centuries, but they're also incredibly contemporary. Over the centuries, lockets have been continuously updated to include modern designs and the latest trends. Byzantine lockets from the 6th century and more recent antique Victorian lockets of the 1800s did not exactly contain photos, but they demonstrate the time-honored symbolism of locket necklaces. These pieces were often made of gold and adorned on the front with ornate carvings or gemstones. Today's lockets carry locket tradition with designs ranging from simple to beautifully ornate. They can be classic, antique-inspired, contemporary or even customized.

What metals are best for lockets?

At Blue Nile, we offer lockets to fit every style and situation. Choose from simple silver lockets, intricate gold lockets or romantic rose gold lockets. Each metal brings its own style to your locket, making any look a great choice for women’s lockets.

Can I buy a locket for myself?

You can absolutely buy a locket for yourself! Because lockets are so wonderfully personal, they are the perfect jewel to buy for yourself.

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