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Huggie Earrings

Treat your ears to a stylish pair of huggie earrings. Available in platinum, silver or gold, huggies are an instant classic. Dress up an outfit with diamond and gold huggie hoop earrings or wear a more casual style with sterling silver huggies. We offer a leading selection of small hoop earrings that hug the earlobe including designs with diamonds, sapphires, pearls and other gemstones. Explore our selection of silver, platinum and gold huggie earrings.
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Pair of yellow gold huggie earrings

FAQs about Huggie Earrings

What does huggie mean in earrings?

Huggie earrings, also known as huggies, are a type of earring that sits snugly on the earlobe – that's where the “hug” in huggie earrings comes from. These earrings hug the earlobe closely, bringing a unique take on studs, dangling or small hoop earring styles.

What is the difference between huggie and hoop earrings?

Diameter is the biggest difference between huggies and more traditional hoops. Round huggie earrings are essentially very small hoops, they fit much tighter than other styles such as large rose gold hoop earrings. Additionally, some styles of gold and sterling silver huggie earrings may not include the traditional closure of other circular earrings, resulting in a different overall profile of the jewelry. 

Many huggies are technically hoop earrings, but not all hoops are huggies. A huggie earring will bring a smaller size and sit more tightly on the earlobe than other styles of hoops. The smaller size of women’s and men’s huggie hoop earrings also makes them a popular choice for wearing in the earlobe or in cartilage piercings.

What styles are popular?

As with other earring styles such as studs or drop earrings, there are many different styles of huggies to choose from. Popular designs include plain metal pairs, such as silver or 14k gold huggie earrings. Other styles include gemstones like diamonds, sapphires or rubies. There are also unique pairs such as white gold huggie earrings with dangling diamonds or pearls. 

Whether you opt for a pair of classic snug earrings or the newer huggie drop earrings, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for any occasion. These earrings are an excellent addition to a stylish jewelry wardrobe.

Can you sleep in huggie earrings?

While huggie earrings offer a snug fit, they are not ideal for sleeping in, especially if you’re wearing a pair with intricate designs. The prongs of gemstone or diamond huggie hoop earrings can get caught on threads while you’re sleeping which risks damaging the settings. Designs with more fragile gemstones, such as pearl huggie earrings, should not be worn while sleeping.

How do you keep these kinds of earrings from falling out?

We offer huggie hoop earrings with backings that keep things secure. Hinged, push and snap backings are some of the designs that keep huggies in place and prevent them from falling out.

Are huggie earrings in style?

Huggies are a stylish, even trendy, jewelry choice that’s perfect to wear for any occasion. Yes, huggie earrings are in style. They're available in casual designs or more intricate fine fashion looks.

Do small hoop earrings make good gifts?

Effortlessly fashionable huggies are excellent gifts that anyone will love to wear. Gift a shing pair of sterling silver huggies for a special birthday, celebrate a special event with a pair of simple yellow gold huggies or help a bride sparkle on her wedding day with the gift of diamond and white gold huggie earrings.

Are huggie earrings easy to put in?

If you’ve been wondering how to put on huggie earrings, it’s simpler than it may seem. To wear your huggies, open the earring or remove the backing. Slide the post through your ear and reattach the backing or close the earring’s locking mechanism. Studs and huggie hoop earrings are easy styles to wear.

How do you style huggies?

When worn on their own, simple silver or 14k gold huggies can be an understated accessory that adds a trendy touch to any look. These earrings can be worn on their own or stacked with other styles including diamond studs, platinum hoops, stud earrings or love knot earrings.

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