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Birthstone Earrings

Celebrate a special birthday with birthstone earrings in gold or silver. We offer studs, hoops, dangles and more of today’s most popular earring designs adorned with birthstones for every month of the year. Showcase your own birthday or wear a pair of earrings with birthstones to celebrate someone close to your heart. These colorful earrings are excellent gifts, bringing unique symbolism and long-lasting style. Showcase a meaningful month with a pair of silver or gold birthstone earrings.
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Ruby earrings with pavé diamonds in 14k white gold

FAQs about Birthstone Earrings

What are birthstone earrings?

Earrings that feature any gemstones associated with birth months are birthstone earrings. Our selection includes gold and silver earrings with birthstones in styles such as hoops, studs and drops.

What are the birthstones for each month?

There are unique birthstones for every month, with today’s modern list assigning each month its own gem. January’s birthstone is garnet and this gem offers a red shade. Purple amethyst is the birthstone for February. The tranquil blues of aquamarine make it the gem for March

April’s birthstone is diamond, which is a classic choice for earrings and many other jewelry styles. The rich green emerald is May’s birthstone. The unique luster of pearls has earned them a spot as June’s birthstone

With a long history and unique symbolism, ruby is July’s birthstone. The ancient green-hued gemstone peridot is August’s birthstone. September birthdays are celebrated with sapphires, as sapphire is September’s birthstone

For an October birthday, celebrate with October’s opal birthstone. Citrine is November’s birthstone, offering a bright color for earrings. If you're in search of earrings for a December birthday, celebrate with the blue topaz birthstone for December.

Is this kind of jewelry symbolic?

Absolutely! Birthstone stud earrings and dangling designs can symbolize a birth month or any special occasion that has taken place during a specific month. Earrings with birthstones make great gifts for new parents along with meaningful anniversary gifts.

Why buy birthstone earrings?

Many people believe that wearing your own birthstone can bring luck and protection. For others, these earrings are an excellent choice due to their stylish design. Whether you’re wearing a pair of earrings with birthstones for their symbolic meanings or simply because you like the way these earrings look, you’re sure to enjoy the quality of our designs.

Are earrings with birthstones popular?

Yes, birthstone hoops, studs and drops are popular choices for any occasion. The added meaning of these earrings makes them an on-trend choice.

What designs are available?

Studs, hoops and drop earrings with birthstones are our most popular options. We offer expertly-crafted pairs in sterling silver, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. Choose from studs or dangling designs with pairs that range from simple to intricate.

Are birthstone earrings expensive?

Each gemstone is unique, and different gems bring different rarity. Some birthstones are priced lower than others and the intricacy of the earring design will impact their overall price. We offer men’s and women’s birthstone earrings to match a variety of budgets.

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