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Infinity Necklaces

A shining symbol of eternal love and connection, an infinity necklace brings beauty and meaning to every jewelry collection. We offer symbolic infinity necklaces in gold, silver or platinum with gemstones and diamonds. Enjoy the endless charm of infinity pendant necklaces in popular styles and chain lengths. These necklaces are perfect gifts for any occasion.
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Infinity Necklaces

FAQs about Infinity Necklaces

What does infinity mean on a necklace?

The infinity symbol means eternity and everlasting love. Gifting your loved one an infinity necklace is a symbol that your affection and love will last for a lifetime and beyond.

Plain metal, gemstone and diamond infinity necklaces are typically represented by the sideways 8 infinity symbol. Other symbols for infinity necklaces include interlocking rings or repeating rings. We offer platinum, silver and white gold infinity necklaces in a variety of styles to echo the deep meaning of this symbolic jewelry.  

How much does infinity jewelry cost?

Our infinity necklaces start as low as $84, and go up to $2,055 or more depending on several factors including the type of jewelry metal used, the number of gemstones or diamonds featured in the piece and the quality of those gems.

Additionally, the type of metal and gemstone will influence the price of this symbolic jewelry. Diamond infinity necklaces with lab made diamonds will typically cost less than ones with natural diamonds. A white gold infinity necklace will generally cost less than a similar design in platinum because gold is generally priced lower than platinum. Our sterling silver necklaces in infinity designs are one of our most affordable options.

With so many designs and features, our leading selection of men’s and women’s infinity necklaces will surely include the perfect piece for your needs.

How can I clean my infinity necklace?

How you clean your infinity necklace depends on the type of metal it's made of and if the item includes diamonds or gemstones. To clean your sterling silver infinity jewelry, use a soft cloth with a polish formulated specifically to remove tarnish. For gold, you will want to use a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap with a soft-bristled brush. Then, polish your jewelry with a specialized cloth or cleaning solution.

Thoroughly dry your infinity necklace after cleaning or washing it. If you’d like expert help for restoring the shine of your plain metal, gemstone or diamond infinity necklace, visit one of our local jewelry stores for assistance with the upkeep of your Blue Nile jewelry.  

Is this jewelry symbolic?

Infinity necklaces are incredibly symbolic and most commonly represent an everlasting connection between two people. Infinity ring necklaces can also symbolize the wearer's children or even their friends. Some people choose to wear an infinity pendant simply because they like the way the symbol looks.

What shapes do infinity necklaces come in?

The sideways figure 8 symbol is the most common representation of infinity. It is featured in plain metal or even gemstones such as diamonds and is often set in the middle of a chain. Infinity necklaces can also feature interlocking circles that dangle from the chain. These infinity ring necklaces are an updated take on representing eternal love, friendship or familial connections through shining jewelry.

What do interlocking circles mean?

Interlocking circles, known as infinity ring necklaces, are another pendant style that serves as deeply meaningful jewelry. The circles can represent a union between two people and their connectedness. When there are more than two circles interlocked together, they often represent the connectedness of the wearer’s family. As with all jewelry, the exact meaning of these infinity necklaces will be unique for each wearer.

Can you stack an infinity necklace?

These pendants and chain-set styles are perfect for stacking with gold necklaces and other styles. For a romantic look, pair a mini infinity pendant with a heart necklace or locket. Or, to keep the infinity symbol as the focal point, pair it with a plain gold chain that adds depth to the necklace layering look.

Which metals are available?

We offer infinity necklaces in platinum, silver, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. These high-quality jewelry metals are durable, stylish and fit for many different budgets.

Can this jewelry feature gemstones?

Diamonds and pearls are the most popular gemstones found in this symbolic jewelry style. A diamond and gold infinity necklace brings a lasting symbol of love and connectedness. Pendants in the classic figure 8 shape with pearls and silver bring sweeping symbolism.

Are infinity necklaces stylish?

This symbolic necklace style is incredibly stylish, with many new designs keeping the look fresh.

Do necklaces with infinity pendants make good gifts?

A gold, diamond or silver infinity necklace makes the perfect gift. These pendants are beautifully symbolic and bring added style to any jewelry collection.

What’s the best chain length for silver, platinum and gold infinity necklaces?

We offer men’s and women’s infinity necklaces in a variety of chain lengths and styles. 18 inch chains are the most popular style, bringing the perfect length for wearing this jewelry with both casual and formal looks. You can visit our guide to necklaces to learn more about the different chain lengths we offer.

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