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Stud Earrings

Timeless, versatile and effortlessly elegant, stud earrings are always in style. Choose from diamond, pearl and gemstone studs. Perfect for dressing up or dressing down, our stud earrings match any look. Our picture-perfect stud earrings for women and men come in gold, silver or platinum settings to elevate their captivating sparkle.
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Stud Earrings

FAQs about Stud Earrings

What is the difference between a stud and an earring?

A stud is a type of earring that appears to float on the earlobe, unlike drop and hoop earrings, which hang down and have visible connections. Stud earrings are small, subtle and easy to wear with everything from a cocktail dress to a pair of jeans.

Do stud earrings have a significant meaning?

Stud earrings have a unique meaning to each person who wears them. Stud earrings for men offer an easy way to showcase personal style. Diamond stud earrings for women tend to be chosen for the occasion, with simple round studs worn in casual settings and larger diamond stud earrings in a fancy cut chosen for special celebrations.

What kind of stud earrings are in style?

Popular stud earring styles include earrings with a single gemstone focus such as diamond, pearl, onyx and topaz studs. New styles also include mismatched studs in precious metals. You can also order custom stud earrings for a pair that is perfectly customized to your style.

What is a good carat size for diamond stud earrings?

The most popular size for diamond stud earrings is 1 carat. Keep in mind that diamond studs are measured in total carat weight, which is the combined weight of the diamonds in both earrings. This means that 1 carat diamond stud earrings are actually 1/2 carat each. Stud earrings are available anywhere from 1/5 carat to 4 carats to suit your personal taste and style.

How do I style stud earrings?

Stud earrings can be worn on their own or alongside other styles such as hoop earrings. They can be dressed up with precious gemstones such as diamonds or worn more casually with silver designs. To style your stud earrings, choose metals, stones and designs that match your interests and preferences.

Can I mix and match stud earrings?

Yes, stud earrings can be mixed and matched. They’re some of the most flexible earring styles and lend well to mash ups on one ear or across both ears.

How do I wear multiple stud earrings at once?

To wear multiple stud earrings simultaneously, choose studs that fit well in your piercings. If your piercings are close together, small stud earrings may be your best choice.

Are studs good for ears with multiple piercings?

Stud earrings are perfect to wear if you have multiple piercings in your ear lobes. The smaller size of these earrings makes them an excellent fit for stacking on the ear.

Where should I wear stud earrings?

Stud earrings are commonly worn on the ear lobe.

What should stud earrings be made of?

It’s best to choose stud earrings made of precious metals. Options include silver, gold and platinum. We offer a wide selection of stud earrings including diamond, pearl and gemstone studs.

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