Your New Jewelry Essential: Ring Spacers

Staked wedding rings in gold and platinum including thin spacer bands.

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One of the most flexible, useful and crucial pieces of jewelry can look simple enough. A small band that’s no bigger than 2.5mm wide might not seem like an impactful piece of jewelry, but these rings are considered essential for many stacking styles.

Thin rings, also known as ring spacers or spacer bands, are narrow and low-profile bands that are designed to fit perfectly in larger band stacks or sets. They are worn alongside at least two other rings. These thin rings can be some of the most important jewelry pieces when you’re wearing multiple rings together. 

Classic Wedding Ring In Platinum (2mm)

Spacer bands are an often-overlooked jewelry staple that can make stacking easy and worry-free, helping to protect gemstones and more intricate band designs. Learn more about these bands, their benefits and what to look for when shopping for ring spacers.

What are Ring Spacers?

In the jewelry world, a ring spacer is a thin band that’s worn as part of a ring stack. It is usually a metal-only band that’s 2.5 millimeters (about 0.1 in) or smaller in size with a low profile. These thin, metal bands are perfect for mixing and matching between larger more ornate rings. Spacer rings are a popular style for wedding ring sets, adding a buffer between curved bands or rings with diamonds and gemstones

Ring spacers are also known as thin stacking bands, spacer rings and engagement ring spacers.

Benefits of Ring Spacer Bands

Curved spacing ring in 14k white gold. 

Ring spacers can add beauty to any ring stack while also helping to prevent damage to certain band styles. These thin, stackable rings offer benefits such as increased ring set security, reduced stress between gemstones, visual uniqueness for styling, and increased comfort. 

Looking to add a spacer band to your jewelry wardrobe? Learn more about the biggest benefits of these staple pieces. 

Reduces Friction in Ring Stacks

Woman smiling in Blue Nile jewelry, she is wearing two diamond eternity bands together on her right ring finger. 

Many rings featuring diamonds or gemstones can have delicate settings that, over time, may warp or chip as a result of friction from wearing these bands directly next to each other. Eternity rings are a great example of these styles. Many eternity bands have open settings for diamond girdles that support optimal brilliance for the ring’s gems. While these styles are ideal for wearing on their own, extra considerations should be taken when stacking rings with exposed gemstones or diamonds.

Over time, friction between direct contact diamonds and gemstones can damage the stones, their settings or even the ring itself by warping the band. This is where ring spacers can help. 

Beaded yellow gold ring spacer.

If you are stacking rings together and you’re worried about prolonged friction damaging the settings, diamonds or gemstones, a spacer band can bring peace of mind. Adding a thin, low-profile metal ring spacer between two gemstone bands can protect the gemstones from friction and damage. The spacer band acts as a buffer between the two other bands.

Fills Gaps in Ring Sets

Rose gold ring spacer. 

Some wedding, fashion and engagement rings can have unique shapes, such as curved rings. When stacking multiple rings together, you may find that there are small gaps between some of the bands. Thin engagement ring spacers and filler rings can fill gaps to help create a full stack. 

Adds Style to Stacks

Stack of gold and gemstone rings, including ring spacer bands.

Ring spacer bands are a subtle way to add extra personality to your jewelry look. While we offer plain metal ring spacers, we also offer designs with added embellishments like hand-finished details, unique textures and special designs. Explore our narrow gold rings and platinum rings to find stylish spacer bands that showcase your style. 

Helps Looser Rings Fit More Comfortably

Curved ring spacer in 18k white gold.

If your ring size has changed or you’re wearing rings that are just a little too big, ring spacer bands can help. Adding a ring spacer for loose rings at the end of your stack can help eternity bands or other rings that can’t be resized fit more snugly by increasing the overall width of your stack and adding a better-fitting end ring to the set. 

Fashion, wedding and engagement ring spacer bands can also help reduce ring spinning by making the full stack fit more accurately. These thin spacer rings are a great solution for reducing solitaire engagement ring spinning or improving the fit of slightly loose anniversary rings

Top Questions and Answers About Ring Spacer Bands

What do ring spacers look like?

Ring spacers are thin bands that are typically no larger than 2.5mm (about 0.1 in) wide. They are most commonly metal-only rings, but they can feature added textures or shapes for a unique look.

At Blue Nile, our ring spacers are typically 2.5mm wide or thinner. Some of our most popular wedding, fashion and engagement ring spacing bands are 1.8mm to 2.4mm wide. 

A ring spacer is a narrow band that helps improve the longevity of jewelry by reducing friction and improving the fit of ring stacks. 

No, spacer bands are not required when stacking rings, but many jewelers recommend wearing these pieces to help protect the diamonds, gemstones and lab diamonds of your settings. Many stackable rings have settings or gems that can be damaged by prolonged friction, and spacer bands provide a long-term buffer to protect your jewelry

The main purpose of ring spacers is to provide protection for the other bands in a ring stack. Spacer bands can also add extra style to your look, making them a popular addition to any ring stack. 

Ring Spacer Shopping Tips

As with all jewelry shopping, it’s important to shop for ring spacers at jewelry stores you trust. At Blue Nile, we offer high-quality spacer rings for fashion ring stacks, wedding sets and for accessorizing with women’s and men’s engagement rings. Keep the following tips in mind when shopping for your spacer rings: 

  1. Double check your ring size fit, sometimes when stacks are larger, it’s a good idea to size up anywhere from ¾ to ½ a size. Contact our jewelry experts to find your perfect spacer ring fit. 
  2. Choose a matching jewelry metal, especially for the fineness of your ring. So, for example, if you’re stacking with 14k gold wedding rings, you’ll want your spacing ring to be 14k gold as well. This helps to further reduce any friction between the rings. 
  3. Have fun with it! You can mix and match gold colors, ring textures and even ring shapes to put together your perfect look.  

Ready to find the perfect ring spacer? You can visit our local jewelry stores or find your fit from our wide selection of high-quality gold, platinum and silver rings 

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