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Birthstone Necklaces

Celebrate your birthday with a stunning birthstone necklace. Every rotation around the sun is worthy of a sparkling new accessory, and each month is represented by its own dazzling gem. From peridots to pearls, aquamarines to citrines, there's a glittering birthstone necklace to celebrate your special day.
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Birthstone Necklaces

FAQs about Birthstone Necklaces

Are birthstone necklaces in style?

Birthstone necklaces are a trendy way to take pride in your birthday and indulge in some self-love. You can purchase a birthstone necklace for yourself to celebrate all the things you've accomplished this year or purchase one for a friend to let them know they're on your mind. Contemporary designs feature thin chains with small gemstones like amethysts or opals, and layering multiple pieces makes for a fashion-forward look.

Is it good luck to wear your birthstone?

Followers of astrology often attribute wearing your own birthstone with good fortune, health and even defense from bad spirits. At times, it's also been believed that wearing all twelve birthstones at once would bring the greatest protection, while some have thought wearing any birthstone necklace other than your own may bring bad luck. All birthstones are sublime, with some, like diamonds, being sought after gems for reasons other than luck.

How much do real birthstones cost?

Real birthstones can cost less than a few hundred dollars; the price varies greatly depending on the type of stone. Some months are represented by semi-precious stones like peridot and aquamarine that offer extensive beauty at the fraction of the price of what a precious gemstone, like a ruby or diamond would cost in the same size and cut.

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