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Sapphire Necklaces

Serene sapphire necklaces made with white gold or yellow gold pair fine metals with a glowing stone. Sapphires come in dazzling hues ranging from crushed berry to deep ocean water and when they're designed as a sapphire diamond necklace, the brilliant diamonds increase the sapphire's intensity.


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FAQs about Sapphire Necklaces

Sapphires are one of the best stones to wear every day. They have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, which makes them just one level below diamonds. Their tenacity makes them an excellent choice for any type of daily jewelry, as they are one of the most durable stones that you can collect.

Sapphires are often related to collecting wealth, good health and peace of mind. The rich tones can represent royalty and prosperity, and many wear sapphires to attract success. Sapphire is also the September birthstone, and sapphire necklaces are an ideal gift for those born in the ninth month of the year.

The deep blue of sapphires can represent celestial skies, ocean depths and serenity. Many find the azure tones calming, and sapphires are often given to other with good faith and hopes of spiritual healing.

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