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Sapphire Necklaces

A sapphire necklace makes the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Discover shining blue sapphire pendants, pink sapphire eternity necklaces, multi-gemstone strands with sapphires, and custom sapphire necklaces. We offer a leading selection of handcrafted sapphire necklaces in gold and silver for any style and occasion. Give the gift of sapphire diamond necklaces or treat yourself to a high-quality sapphire necklace from our leading selection.
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FAQs about Sapphire Necklaces

Can sapphires be worn everyday?

Sapphires are one of the best stones to wear every day. They have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, which makes them just one level below diamonds. Their tenacity makes them an excellent choice for any type of daily jewelry, as they are one of the most durable stones that you can collect. Sapphire necklaces are especially fit for daily wear.  

What do sapphires mean?

Sapphires symbolize wealth, good health and peace of mind. The rich tones of sapphire necklaces can represent royalty and prosperity, and many wear sapphires to attract success. Sapphire is also the September birthstone, and sapphire necklaces are an ideal gift for those born in the ninth month of the year. Visit our guide to sapphires to learn more about the symbolism of these blue and pink gemstones.

Are sapphire necklaces popular?

Yes, sapphire pendant necklaces, eternity styles and custom designs are increasingly popular. The new movement for wearing more meaningful jewelry, such as birthstone jewelry, has made sapphire necklace pendants and other designs with this gemstone a stylish choice.

Sapphire diamond necklaces are especially trendy, combining two durable gemstones for a contrasting look. 

What is the meaning of a blue sapphire?

The deep blue of sapphires can represent celestial skies, ocean depths and serenity. Many find the azure tones calming and sapphire jewelry is often given in good faith with hopes of spiritual healing.

What colors are available for sapphire necklaces?

Pink and blue are the most popular colors for sapphire pendants and necklaces. Blue sapphire necklaces are the leading style, offering the deep symbolism and hues of this gemstone. You can learn more about gemstone color to see what makes pink and blue sapphire necklaces so unique.

How do you care for sapphires?

Because sapphires are incredibly durable gemstones, caring for a sapphire necklace or pendant is easy. Simply clean your necklace with a specialized jewelry cleaning solution or dish soap and water mixture. Thoroughly dry your sapphire necklace after cleaning it.

For sapphire diamond necklaces with additional gemstones, extra care is recommended to keep the sensitive gems in their best shape. A sapphire pendant or necklace with more fragile gems like emeralds, opals or pearls should not be exposed to harsh chemicals, cosmetics, ultrasonic cleaners, steam cleaners, or sudden temperature changes. 

Visit our guide to wearing sapphire jewelry for more tips on helping pendants, eternity necklaces and other strands with this gemstone at their very best. 

What designs are available?

Our high-quality sapphire necklaces are available in a wide range of styles. Choose from sapphire pendants including lockets, smile necklaces, cross necklaces, and heart-shaped pendants with sapphires. We also offer station necklaces, eternity necklaces and custom styles with stylish sapphires in blue and pink shades.

Are sapphires treated?

Some natural sapphires are heat treated to improve their clarity and color intensity. Heating is a longstanding and stable gemstone enhancement technique that helps sapphire necklaces look their best. Visit our guide to gemstone enhancements to learn more.

How do you style pink and blue sapphire necklaces?

Necklaces with sapphires are stylish jewelry pieces that can be worn on their own or as part of a necklace stack. For a matching look, pair a sapphire pendant with a sapphire ring or shining sapphire earrings. If you prefer some contrast in your styling, consider wearing pearl jewelry alongside your sapphire necklace.

Do sapphire pendant necklaces make good gifts?

Yes, durable and stylish sapphire necklaces make excellent gifts for any occasion. Celebrate an anniversary with a sapphire pendant, commemorate a graduation with a sapphire diamond necklace or gift a September baby a blue sapphire necklace that they’ll always cherish.

What metals are best for sapphire necklaces?

Gold is the most popular precious metal for sapphire necklaces, it offers durability and stylish colors to complement sapphire's unique hues. Sapphire is most commonly set in white gold, but silver necklaces with sapphire are also growing in popularity. Some contrasting designs are also available with yellow gold or rose gold, though they’re not as common as white gold and silver necklaces with sapphires.

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