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Opal Necklaces

Lose yourself in the depths of a fiery opal necklace. With ever-changing hues and unlimited stone shapes, no two opals are identical. Jewelry like opal solitaire necklaces and dreamy opal halo pendants are stunning pieces that complete your signature look.
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Opal Necklaces

FAQs about Opal Necklaces

Are Opals expensive?

Opals vary in price depending on their rarity and the respective value of their hue. Some opals can cost a few hundred dollars while others cost thousands of dollars. Generally, the darker the opal, the more it costs.

What does opal signify?

Through the centuries, opal has been credited with affecting many things, from hope, to luck, to sacral health. In modern times, opal is most often known for being the October birthstone.

What is a white opal?

A white opal is an opal that has a lightly colored body, most often appearing as white or creamy hue. Within the stone are the trademark flecks that change as the lighting does, reflecting many different colors, adding allure to the enigmatic gemstone.

What color is opal?

Opals come in a large array of colors, from charcoal to ivory, and every shade in between. Fire opals, often from Mexico, are brilliantly red, while other opals around the world include vivid blues and deep purples. All opals contain multifaceted specks that seem to hold an entire rainbow inside of them.

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