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A diamond wrap yellow gold fashion ring lying next to a thick yellow gold bracelet.

Gold Jewelry

All that glitters is gold jewelry. Grab white, yellow and rose gold necklaces, 
earrings, rings and bracelets for a look that shines on. 
Gold jewelry is the ultimate gift for those who enjoy both modern design 
and vintage aesthetics. From traditional pieces like polished wedding bands 
and chic gold chains to on-trend gold hoops and glistening bracelets, 
we carry a wide array of options that will have you reimagining this 
jewelry classic.

Top Questions and Answers About Gold Jewelry

What kind of gold jewelry is in style?

Sleek lines and open metalwork are popular styles for gold jewelry. Simple gold bands with sparkling gemstones, polished teardrop earrings or a lacy fleur de lis pendant all showcase the effortless beauty of gold jewelry.

What's the difference between white gold and platinum?

White gold and platinum are very similar in appearance. However, platinum is more expensive, longer-lasting and keeps its sheen better over time, whereas white gold often needs replating every few years.

Is yellow gold jewelry making a comeback?

Yellow gold is indeed making a comeback. Trends show that many people, including millennials, are bypassing other jewelry styles for the timeless elegance of yellow gold. There are plenty of options for gold jewelry for men and women that range from 24k gold necklaces to stackable bangle bracelets and simple stud earrings.

What is the difference between 14k and 18k?

Real gold is often sold in 14k and 18k, with each containing additional alloys that strengthen the jewelry for frequent wear. 14k gold jewelry is real gold that is mixed with other metals to create a long-lasting piece. 18k gold jewelry costs more than 14k because it contains more gold.

Is gold jewelry worth it?

If you’re searching for glistening jewelry that is incredibly durable, gold is a great choice! Gold pieces can be passed down for generations and offer lasting styles. Gold jewelry has been valued for centuries, and the staying power of this precious metal has continued today. Trendy, classic and even vintage-style pieces all come in gold.

Will real gold tarnish?

Gold jewelry pieces will not tarnish. They may need polishing or cleaning every now and then to maintain their shine.

What's the best way to care for gold?

Avoid wearing your gold jewelry when you’re cleaning or swimming as chemicals like chlorine and household cleaners can damage gold. When it’s time to clean your jewelry, use a polishing cloth and jewelry cleaning solution to restore shine.

How can I tell if my jewelry is real?

Stamps are the easiest way to tell if a piece is real, solid gold or if it’s other metals covered with a thin layer of gold. Real gold jewelry will be stamped with its karat value and a maker’s mark, such as 14k or 18k. Pieces that aren’t solid gold will likely have additional stamps such as GF or GP to indicate that they’re gold filled or gold plated.

At Blue Nile, we are experts on real gold jewelry. Any gold jewelry you purchase from us is guaranteed to be genuine.

What is white gold jewelry?

White gold jewelry is a common platinum alternative that uses pure gold which has been alloyed with additional metals to bring a different hue to the piece. It is often finished with a thin layer of rhodium plating that gives the piece a shining, white metal appearance.

What is rose gold jewelry?

Pure gold and copper are combined to make uniquely colored rose gold jewelry. This is real gold jewelry that offers lasting wear as it does not need to be replated, in fact, there’s no plating at all! Rose gold’s signature hues come from its combination of pure gold and copper.

What is yellow gold jewelry?

The most iconic shade of gold has been valued for centuries. Yellow gold jewelry ranges in purity, from pure 24k gold to more affordable and durable options like 14k. In lower karat values of yellow gold, pure gold is combined with other metals that strengthen the overall piece.

What is tri-color gold jewelry?

Tri-color gold jewelry includes three different shades of gold in one piece. The most common styles include yellow, rose and white gold.

Can you mix and match styles?

Mixed and matched styles are some of the most popular ways to wear gold jewelry. You can mix metal textures in the same shade for a monochromatic look, or you can even choose tri-color styles of different hues.

What kinds of gemstones are added to this jewelry?

You can find all types of gemstones in real gold jewelry. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, aquamarine, emeralds, pearls, opals and morganite are just some of the gemstones you can find in pieces made of this precious metal.

Can you wear gold every day?

Absolutely! Gold jewelry for women and men can be worn daily. Lower karat 14k pieces are most suited for daily wear as the additional metals make the jewelry stronger.

How do I clean gold jewelry?

When cleaning your gold jewelry, a simple approach is best.

Create a solution of warm water and mild detergent-free soap, then use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub your pieces. To maintain extra shine, you can buff your jewelry with a soft polishing cloth.

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