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Bar Necklaces

Trendy bar necklaces make a simple shape into an elegant piece of jewelry. Available in gold and silver, bar necklaces offer a unique style for gift giving or for treating yourself. Choose from designs with gemstones, dangling pendants, stationary designs or personalized bar necklaces. Worn as a statement piece or in a stack, these stylish necklaces are perfect for any occasion.
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Bar Necklaces

FAQs about Bar Necklaces

What does a bar necklace mean?

A bar necklace most commonly means that the wearer simply enjoys the shape of that necklace style. A silver or gold bar necklace can also be a highly personal piece of jewelry, symbolizing special moments in the wearer’s life. Many bar pendant necklaces can be engraved, adding an extra touch of meaning to this jewelry.

How do you wear a bar necklace?

Bar necklaces can be worn on their own as subtle signature pieces. They are often engravable, which makes them an excellent choice for everyday reminders of a meaningful moment. Gold and sterling silver bar necklaces also make excellent layering necklaces, with their smooth profiles allowing for the seamless addition of other chains above or below.

Are bar necklaces in style?

Bar necklaces are modern, minimalist and highly sought-after pieces in today's jewelry landscape. They combine sentimentality with style, and popular choices for bar necklaces include those in rose gold, white gold and 14k yellow gold.

What is a bar necklace?

A bar necklace involves a delicate chain that leads to a rectangle-shaped block. The block is referred to as a bar and it can hang vertically below the necklace as a pendant. It can also sit horizontally across the necklace, linking two sides of the chain together.

Why are bar necklaces so popular?

This jewelry’s sleek profile and subtle personalization make it a popular choice. A vertical or horizontal bar pendant can add the perfect touch to any jewelry ensemble, bringing deep meaning to any look. Because bar necklaces are worn close to the heart, their symbolic nature is especially endearing.

Can this jewelry be personalized?

Personalized bar necklaces are one of the most popular styles we offer. Choose from a necklace with special birthstones or an engravable bar necklace featuring a special message for you or your loved one.

What metals are available?

This meaningful jewelry is available in silver, rose gold, white gold or yellow gold. Vertical and horizontal bar necklaces in gleaming gold come in 14k for durable designs.

Are there bar necklaces with gemstones?

While simple metal bar necklaces are a leading choice, designs featuring gemstones are also an increasingly popular option. Necklaces with bar pendants featuring gemstones include those with diamonds, emeralds, pearls or sapphires.

What styles are available?

Choose from personalized styles in plain metal or designs that feature prominent gemstones for added sparkle. A horizontal bar necklace is a popular choice, with a chain-set bar in the middle of the necklace. We also offer vertical bar necklaces in which the namesake bar hangs as a pendant.

Which chain length is best for this type of necklace?

There are a variety of chain lengths available for this type of jewelry. Most bar necklaces will have a chain length of 18" to 19" but some chains on these necklaces are up to 35" long.

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