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Diamond Choker Necklaces

Bring brilliant style to any outfit with a diamond choker necklace. The shorter length of these choker necklaces with diamonds makes them perfect for wearing as the only necklace in an ensemble or paired with other styles for a layered look. Dress up a casual outfit with a short white gold diamond pendant necklace or opt for an elegant style with a diamond tennis choker. A diamond choker is the perfect addition to any jewelry wardrobe.
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FAQs about Diamond Choker Necklaces

What is a diamond choker necklace?

A diamond choker necklace is a jewelry style that describes short necklaces, aka chokers, that contain diamonds in their designs. This jewelry can be created in a pendant style that has the diamonds in one place, an eternity tennis style in which diamonds circle the entire chain or other styles that combine several designs.

What is the best way to style diamond tennis chokers or pendants?

The shorter length of diamond chokers makes them perfect for wearing as the standalone jewelry in an outfit or for layering with additional necklaces. If you’re opting for a layering necklaces look with a diamond choker, choose additional necklaces that are longer than the choker.

It's easiest to layer different chain styles. So, if you’re layering a tennis choker, your other necklaces may be chains. If you’re layering a diamond pendant choker, an eternity necklace may be a great pairing.

Ultimately, the best way to style your diamond choker is to choose a look that you’re comfortable wearing. Jewelry is all about self-expression, and your necklace look should reflect your personal fashion tastes.

What designs are popular?

We offer a variety of diamond chokers to match any look. These necklaces are shorter in length, typically anywhere from 16" to 17". Popular designs include chokers with an endless circle of diamonds in a tennis style, pendants, smile necklaces and y-shaped necklaces. We offer diamond chokers in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

Does this jewelry make a good gift?

Real diamond choker necklaces are excellent gifts for virtually any occasion. They bring timeless brilliance and effortless style. 

What is the best way to clean a diamond choker necklace?

To keep your women’s diamond choker in sparkling shape, regularly clean it using gentle dish soap and hot water or a specialized jewelry cleaner.

Are chokers with diamonds in style?

Choker necklaces are having a style resurgence, and diamonds are a welcome addition to this look. Yes, diamond choker necklaces including tennis designs and pendant-focused looks are in style.

Where should a diamond choker sit when being worn?

This jewelry style is worn shorter than other necklaces and typically sits in the middle of the neck or at the base of it.

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