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Drop Necklaces

Shop our selection of drop necklaces to explore lengthy lariats, Y-shaped silhouettes, gemstone pendants, cascading diamonds and iconic lavalier designs. Drop necklaces offer instant elegance in gold, platinum or silver. Find the perfect pearl drop necklace for a glamorous evening outfit or a symbolic graduated diamond pendant for dressing up everyday looks. Shorter drop pendants are ideal for frequent wear while longer lariats fit more formal occasions. Our drop necklaces are crafted in solid silver, gold or platinum with top-quality gemstones.
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Pearl drop necklace with diamonds in 14k rose gold

FAQs about Drop Necklaces

What are other names for drop necklaces?

Drop pendants are one common way to refer to a drop necklace. Other names for drop necklaces include Y-necklaces, lariat and lavalier necklaces. The different shapes of these necklaces will determine which type of drop necklace it is.

How do you style a drop necklace?

This necklace style’s signature draping design makes for the perfect standalone necklace in a look. They pair well with drop earrings and bracelets in matching chain styles.

What designs are available?

Explore our selection of drop necklace styles including designs with diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphires and additional gemstones. All our necklaces and pendants are made from solid materials including sterling silver, platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

What is a lariat necklace?

A lariat necklace is a kind of drop necklace that features a long chain or pendant that dangles in the front, often in a Y-shape. The drop lariat necklace may close with a standard clasp in the back, or there may be a design element in which one side of the necklace loops through the other in an ornamental design at the front of the jewelry.

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