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Knot Necklaces

Our love knot necklaces are as strong as the relationships they symbolize. From lustrous pearl, multi-colored metals and textured chains—all of our knot necklaces are expertly crafted and set in the finest metals.
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Knot Necklaces

FAQs about Knot Necklaces

What do knot necklaces symbolize?

Knots are inseparable and unbreakable, which is why they are often used in jewelry design to symbolize eternal love.

How much are knot necklaces?

Our knot necklaces start at a cost of about $185 and go up to $1,276 or more.

How do you clean a knot necklace?

You can clean your knot necklace at home with a mix of mild soap and warm water. With a soft bristle brush scrub the necklace gently and then place the necklace in lukewarm water to rinse. Our gentle jewelry cleanser is great for cleaning knot necklaces.

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