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Station Necklaces

Classic station necklaces bring touches of glamour in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum or sterling silver. Enhance your jewelry collection with a diamond station necklace, a looping gold station necklace or a thin silver chain with shimmering sterling stations. Choose a longer yard or shorter opera length with diamonds and gemstones for an eye-catching look. Set along subtle chains with standout gemstone or precious metal accents, our station necklaces were made to bring style at every stop.
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White gold and diamond station necklace.

FAQs about Station Necklaces

What is a station necklace?

Station necklaces are chains that are punctuated with beads, gemstones or other designs that are set around the necklace at specific intervals. The most popular styles are plain metal, gemstone or diamond station necklaces that feature adornments set along the chain. 

How do you style this jewelry?

This flexible jewelry can be worn as a single strand, wrapped in longer lengths or as part of a layering necklaces look.

Why is it called a station necklace?

Station necklaces get their name from their design, which features stations of gemstones or metal embellishments set along the chain in specific intervals.

Are station necklaces in style?

This unique necklace has stayed in style, with an increased demand for platinum, silver and gold station necklaces in recent years.

Can the stations on these necklaces move?

Most of these necklaces feature set stations that cannot be moved, but some styles may have moveable elements. Certain pearl necklaces or gold necklaces with stations can be moved.

What designs are popular?

Diamond station necklaces are our most popular designs. Other bestsellers include gemstone or plain metal stations in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. Choose a classic yard-long white gold chain with stations of diamonds, a shorter design with pearls and yellow gold, rose gold station necklaces or chains enhanced with sterling silver stations.

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