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Layering Necklaces

When it comes to layered necklaces, more is always the fashionable choice. Showcase your style with on-trend layering necklaces in gold and silver. Stack it up with two, three or even more necklaces worn together for a unique jewelry look. Explore our buildable layered necklaces with plain metal pendants, stationary styles, designs with diamonds and layering necklaces with gemstones. With so many styles in various lengths and chain thicknesses, it’s easy to pick your perfect layered necklace set.
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14k yellow gold necklace with three layers.

FAQs about Layering Necklaces

What is a layering necklace?

Layering necklaces are normal necklaces that are simply worn together at least two at a time. They can be any style including short chokers, tennis necklaces, lockets, gold chains without pendants, diamond solitaire necklaces, Cuban chains, pendant styles or any other style. Any necklace that is worn alongside another necklace at the same time can be called a layering necklace. 

At Blue Nile, we offer a wide selection of layering necklaces in gold and silver with various lengths and chain thicknesses. Picking and choosing necklaces of different lengths and thicknesses is one of the best ways to layer.

How can I get started with layering necklaces?

If a layered look is new for your jewelry wardrobe, we suggest building your layered necklace set with styles of the same metal. While you can mix and match metals, it’s often easiest to start by selecting all silver or gold necklaces if you’re new to layering. For example, choosing all yellow gold chains will allow you to select different gemstones or pendants while keeping overall cohesion to the look. 

We also offer multi-strand single clasp styles and longer necklaces that can be worn doubled or even tripled across the neck, creating a cohesive layered look from one necklace.

How do you keep necklaces from tangling when wearing them together at the same time?

To keep your layered necklaces from tangling, choose styles in different textures and lengths. Wearing two or three necklaces with different chain styles and chain lengths will help reduce tangling.

What order do you layer necklaces in?

You can wear your set of layered necklaces in any order you prefer. Typically, they are worn in ascending order of necklace size. So daintier necklaces are put on first, with the chunkier styles following.

Can you layer with just two necklaces?

Absolutely! This is a classic approach to wearing layered necklaces. To wear two layered necklaces, keep proportion in mind and consider starting with similar metals. We offer layering necklaces in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and silver with many styles that make it easy to start stacking.

How do you layer necklaces?

When it comes to understanding how to layer necklaces, there are a few simple suggestions that will keep things in order. From there, it’s all about bringing your own personal style into the layered necklace look. 

When layering necklaces, make sure to choose more durable gemstones. To keep things tangle-free, select necklaces with different textures, lengths and chain styles. This will help prevent tangling while you’re wearing your necklace stack. 

Once you have these basics of necklace layering, you can have fun putting together different stacks that reflect your personal style. This might mean stacking different gold layering necklaces for a warm look, or bringing together soft silver layered necklaces. Visit our blog to learn more about how to layer necklaces.

Is it okay to wear gold and silver layering necklaces at the same time?

It’s perfectly fine to mix metals in your layering necklaces. This creates an engaging look for on-trend style.

What neckline clothing is best for wearing with layered necklaces?

The right neckline all depends on the lengths of the necklaces you’re looking to layer. If you’re wearing women’s styles of daintier, shorter necklaces, a normal blouse is the perfect fit. But if you’re considering layering longer looks or styles with pendants, choose a lower neckline to let the necklaces shine. 

For a unique look, choose women’s layering necklaces worn alongside a high-neckline outfit such as a turtleneck. With this approach, the layered necklaces are worn on top of the fabric covering the décolletage.

Are all necklaces good for layering?

When it comes to stacked necklace styles, we suggest sticking to sturdy gemstones and metals. Softer gems such as pearls are not recommended for wearing in a layered necklace stack as these gems are more susceptible to damage from other gems and metals. 

Many necklaces in gold, silver and platinum are perfect for layering. Tougher gems such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies are excellent for layering together.

Can you wear additional jewelry along with layered necklaces?

If you’re opting for a maximalist jewelry look, go all in by pairing layering necklaces with additional styles such as stacking rings or multiple bangles.

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