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Five-Stone Rings

Showcase symbolic style with five-stone rings featuring diamonds or gemstones such as sapphires, morganite or aquamarine. Our 5-stone rings are perfect for celebrating an anniversary, serving as a wedding band or for a fashion-focused look. With designs in platinum or gold, these rings are ready to bring incredible sparkle for years to come.
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White gold wedding band with five diamonds.

FAQs about Five-Stone Rings

What do 5-stone rings mean?

These rings can be symbolic or simply a stylish choice, it all depends on the wearer’s perspective. Sometimes these rings can symbolize a fifth anniversary, representing each year of a relationship. Others believe that a 5-stone ring represents the five pillars of a healthy relationship: love, commitment, trust, communication and empathy.

How do you stack five-stone rings?

There aren’t specific rigid rules regarding how to stack five-stone diamond rings. The right approach is choosing rings that work well together, such as stacking a five-stone diamond band with a solitaire engagement ring or an infinity ring.

Can an engagement ring have 5 stones?

While many wedding rings offer a 5 stone design, this look is also popular for engagement styles. Five-stone diamond rings or gemstone designs are an excellent alternative to traditional single or 3 diamond rings.

What designs are popular?

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone for 5-stone rings, but other gems work wonderfully for this kind of ring as well. Consider a 5-stone ring with sapphire, morganite, aquamarine, emerald or ruby for an enchanting take on this style. Some of these rings feature the same shapes for every gem, while others offer a contrasting look in which there are different gem styles throughout the ring.

We offer 5-stone rings in platinum, yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. Each ring is crafted with five standout gemstones that are ready to tell your unique story.

Do these kinds of rings make good gifts?

Absolutely! Five-stone rings are perfect for anniversary gifts, especially for a fifth wedding anniversary. They can also be given to commemorate personal achievements or milestones.

What is the best way to clean this kind of jewelry?

Because 5-stone rings include multiple prongs and settings often closely intertwined, it’s important to regularly clean this jewelry style to ensure it stays in sparkling shape. We suggest routinely cleaning your 5-stone ring with a gentle jewelry cleaning solution to remove any dirt or debris.

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