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White Gold Jewelry

Shine bright in our exquisite white gold jewelry for men and women. A modern take on a traditional metal—our white gold jewelry is lightweight and easy to wear. White gold is an affordable, durable material that makes for excellent engagement rings, wedding rings and fashion jewelry.
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White Gold Jewellery

FAQs about White Gold Jewelry

How do I clean white gold jewelry?

White, yellow and rose gold jewelry can all be cleaned using the same methods. Use a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap with a soft-bristled brush to wipe down your white gold jewelry. Then, polish it with a microfiber cloth. We also offer free professional cleaning and repair services for white gold jewelry purchased from our site.

How is white gold formed?

Pure gold is alloyed with a mixture of nickel, or palladium and silver, plus other whitening alloys to create the silvery-white hue in white gold. The gold mixture is then plated with rhodium to create long-wearing, durable jewelry.

Does white gold tarnish?

After time, you might begin to see a slight champagne-colored tint in your white-gold jewelry as the rhodium plating starts to wear. We recommend routine cleaning and annual maintenance to prevent the discoloration of your white gold jewelry.

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