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Yellow Gold Jewelry

You can't beat the classics. Our collection of 18k and 14k yellow gold jewelry features delicate chains, dangling hoops and dazzling pendants. Solidify your love with diamond and yellow gold wedding jewelry and engagement rings made to last a lifetime. 
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Yellow Gold Jewellery

FAQs about Yellow Gold Jewelry

How do I clean yellow gold jewelry?

You can clean all types of gold jewelry with a solution of warm water and mild soap. Wipe down the piece with a soft bristle brush and finish off with a polish from a microfiber cloth. If you need your jewelry to really shine for a special occasion, we offer free cleaning and repair services for yellow gold jewelry purchased from our site.

Is yellow gold real gold?

All of our yellow gold jewelry pieces are real gold. Pure gold is not strong enough on its own to be made into jewelry. Yellow gold is made from pure gold mixed with silver and copper to give our jewelry its rich shine . If you prefer a lighter shade of gold, 14k yellow gold is made with less pure gold then 18k gold—making it slightly less bright. 18k gold is brighter, and has less nickel—making it a good option for those with metal sensitivity.

Does yellow gold tarnish?

While pure gold does not tarnish, the yellow gold used to make jewelry can tarnish as it's mixed with other metals . Proper jewelry care will ensure your gold jewelry pieces stay gleaming. Do not exposure your yellow gold jewelry to chlorine or chemicals in cleaning products. We recommend that you take off your jewelry when doing strenuous activity like gardening or cleaning to reduce scratching and keep your jewelry's luster.

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