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Mother's Necklaces

Celebrate the mom in your life with a meaningful mother’s necklace that she’ll love to wear for years to come. Necklaces for mom are the perfect holiday gift to celebrate Mother’s Day, her birthday, new family additions or to simply show mom how much you care. Choose from silver or gold styles with heartfelt designs, symbolic birthstones and personalized engravings to find the perfect necklace for mom.
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Mini bar heart necklace with space for engraving in yellow gold

FAQs about Mother's Necklaces

What is a mom necklace?

This jewelry style describes necklaces that are purchased in celebration of motherhood’s many shapes. Any necklace that’s purchased for a mom can be considered a mom necklace, but most necklaces for moms will have unique qualities that make them especially meaningful. Mother necklaces are as unique as the moms in the world, coming in a variety of styles to match any mother. They may have birthstones, love-centric designs or even personalized engravings.

Is jewelry a good gift for mom?

Each mom has her own taste when it comes to gifts, but many moms love the meaningful sparkle jewelry can bring. Jewelry is an excellent gift for many mothers, and a stylish plain metal or birthstone necklace for mom makes an excellent gift. 

These necklaces are often given on holidays like Mother’s Day, but they can also be given any day of the year.

How do I choose the right necklace for my mom?

If mom already has a large jewelry wardrobe, take a peek and see which necklaces will match her style. For example, if mom loves silver jewelry, we suggest selecting a silver mother’s necklace. If she loves the gleam of yellow gold earrings, you can complete her look with a gold necklace that’s been engraved with meaningful names or dates.

Can mother necklaces be personalized?

Yes, we offer a wide selection of personalized necklaces for mom. These styles can be engraved with the names of her kids, a special date or a thoughtful message.

Which styles are popular?

Designs in silver and gold are the most popular, with birthstone necklaces for mom as our most requested gemstone styles.

What is a mother and daughter necklace?

A mother and daughter necklace is another take of the mom necklace that brings her daughter or daughters into the fold. A mother and daughter necklace may be one necklace with engraving or interlocking rings that represent the connection shared by a mom and her child. This style can also be two matching necklaces worn by both mother and daughter.

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