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Infinity Necklaces

Our infinity necklaces symbolize eternal love. Shop our shimmering diamond infinity necklaces or our popular infinity ring necklaces. All of our infinity symbol pieces are expertly crafted and set in the finest metals.

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FAQs about Infinity Necklaces

The infinity symbol means eternity and everlasting love. Gifting your loved one an infinity necklace is a symbol that your affection and love will last for a lifetime and beyond.

Our infinity necklaces start as low as C$130, and go up to C$1,957 or more depending on several factors including the type of metal used, the number of diamonds featured in the piece and the quality of those diamonds.

How you clean your infinity necklace depends on the type of metal it's made of and if the item includes diamonds or gemstones. To clean your sterling silver infinity jewellery, use a soft cloth with a polish formulated specifically to remove tarnish. For gold, you will want use a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap with a soft-bristled brush. Then, polish it with a specialized cloth or cleaning solution. We offer multiple cleaning solutions including a gentle jewellery cleanser, gem and jewellery cleaning set and polishing cloths.

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