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Opal Rings

Shimmering with the colours of every gem, opal rings make a bold fashion statement. Our opal rings for women feature vibrant single opals and stunning opals accentuated by sparkling diamonds. Beautiful gold and sterling silver bands bring out the enchanting colours of every design.


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FAQs about Opal Rings

Opals have long been associated with love and beauty for their incredible play of colour. Opal rings also symbolize a release of passions and inhibitions, which is why opal engagement rings are a wonderful way for a couple to show their devotion to one another.

Generally speaking, diamonds are worth more than opals, but the worth of either gem depends on many factors, like size and demand. The rarity of some high quality opals, for example, makes them more valuable than most diamonds.

Opal rings for women are a gorgeous choice for special occasion wear. The eye-catching gemstone will flatter a variety of formal outfits while adding a magical hint of colour to your look. However, opals are relatively soft gemstones not suited for everyday wear, so make sure you put your favourite ring away with care in a felt-lined jewlery box when the night is done.

Our opal rings offer many modern and fashionable designs you can wear with confidence. A chic and simple ring with a single centre stone is a versatile choice perfect for cocktail parties. For your most elegant ensembles, you can't go wrong with a radiant opal accompanied by accent diamonds or surrounded by a diamond halo.

Opals are rated 5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning that they are somewhat fragile but can be the perfect gemstone for many types of jewellery. For comparison, diamonds rate a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale while pearls are a 2.5. Opals can be scratched or chipped if you’re not careful when wearing them. But overall, opal rings, bracelets and necklaces are safe for frequent wear. The right settings can keep opals safe for lasting beauty.

To keep your opals in their best shape, avoid wearing them when you’re cooking, gardening, hiking or engaging in other potentially gemstone-damaging situations. Keep these gems away from harsh cleaners, chemicals or lotions that can damage them.

We offer a large selection of opal rings for women in precious metals including silver, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. If you’re looking for a simple opal ring, consider a plain yellow gold band that lets the gemstone shine. If you’re looking for a more detailed look, consider an opal diamond ring with a halo of brilliant diamonds. A rose gold opal ring can enhance the gem’s multicolored appearance with a contrasting copper hue.

While some gemstones like rubies come in one signature colour range, opals come in an entire rainbow of colours. Hailing from regions worldwide, the colour of an opal will also depend on where it was mined. The most popular opals are ones with a milky blue, almost cloudy appearance that is punctuated by flecks of vibrant rainbow flashes of light. Opals aren’t just colourful, they also appear to glow from within through a phenomenon called opalescence.

The full range of colours, textures and opalescence in opal rings makes them a truly standout piece of jewellery. Opal rings will bring eye-catching beauty to any look, adding a rainbow of colours and flashes of light to the wearer’s hand. They are also traditionally cut in a cabochon fashion, adding a unique departure from more faceted gemstones.

Many people born in October choose to wear their opal birthstone for good luck.

Enchantingly beautiful opalescent rings are the perfect gift for any occasion. They're commonly given as milestone gifts, birthday presents and even anniversary gifts.

Some gemstones undergo enhancements to heighten their beauty or improve their durability. Opal ring enhancements may include infusions or strengthening backings to enhance the stone’s colour and stability for prolonged wear.

Many people opt for a simple setting for their gemstones, such as an opal solitaire ring. Other popular styles include romantic rose gold and opal diamond rings. Unique styles are becoming trendy, with added gemstones such as blue topaz or special band detailing in the mix.

The best way to clean your opal rings is to use a polishing cloth directly on the metal without touching the gemstone. If you’d like to clean the entire ring, do so with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Allow your ring to dry completely before putting it back on.

We invite you to use our free ring sizer to find the right fit. If you’re making a purchase for someone else, you can use their existing rings to find their size.

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