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Ruby Rings

Ruby rings stand at the height of luxury. Whether they're aquamarine and ruby combination rings, pear-shaped ruby rings or sleek ruby infinity rings, any style exudes vivid colour. Ruby rings for men embody power while ruby and diamond rings for women balance strength and beauty.


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FAQs about Ruby Rings

Ruby rings have been worn for hundreds of years, valued by royalty as a symbol of wealth and strength, and they're still on-trend today for many of the same reasons. Modern updates to this gem's jewellery include pairing a bright ruby with warm rose gold or stacking simple silver bands with baroque ruby pieces. No matter the style, investing in a ruby ring will hold value. Fads come and go, but ruby rings are forever.

Rubies are highly valuable stones that raise quickly in price as they grow in size. They have one of the highest prices-per-carat of any gemstone, costing anywhere between a few hundred and hundreds of thousands of dollars. The price of a ruby ring will depend on the size and quantity of the stones on the ring and the metal used in the design. Even small ruby rings will add a fiery hue to your jewellery collection.

Engagement rings offer a lifetime of promise in one brilliant circle. Choosing a ruby and diamond ring adds an exceptional glow to your vow that can only be found within the red stone. Emerald cut ruby rings offer rare beauty, especially when encircled with smaller diamonds. The combination of red and reflective clear stones make for a dazzling ruby engagement ring worthy of representing your love.

Rubies land at a nine on the Mohs scale, which ranks the hardness of gemstones from one to ten with ten being the hardest. Because of their hardness, they're optimal for daily-wear accessories like engagement rings and wedding rings. You can increase the longevity of your ruby jewellery even further with proper cleaning and care.

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