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Ruby Engagement Rings

Add a romantic touch to your proposal with a ruby engagement ring featuring this signature red-hued gemstone. Considered the stone of love, rubies bring lasting beauty to any ring. The deep tone of this gemstone makes it a captivating choice for solitaire, halo or three-stone settings. Shop our full selection of ruby engagement rings to select one that will be cherished for a lifetime.
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Ruby Engagement Rings

FAQs about Ruby Engagement Rings

What are ruby engagement rings?

Ruby gemstone engagement rings feature a deep red ruby as the center stone instead of a traditional diamond. They often feature diamond accent stones.

What does a ruby symbolize?

A ruby not only symbolizes love, but it's also the July birthstone. This makes it a symbolic fit for couples that met in July. It’s also the perfect jewelry choice for couples that are getting engaged or married in July.

What metal is the best choice for ruby engagement rings?

A ruby is a beautiful, passionate stone. Try pairing it with white metal, such as white gold or platinum, to keep the look bright. If you're looking for a more vintage look, check out our yellow gold engagement ring options to pair with your ruby.

Are rubies more expensive than diamonds?

Rubies are a rare gemstone, especially in the larger carat weights. The price of a ruby is largely dependent upon the carat size and the quality of the stone.

Which setting types are popular?

This gemstone of love shines in any setting, from engagement styles to ruby wedding rings. Some of our most popular ruby engagement ring styles include ruby solitaires, three-stone rings and ruby center stones with a diamond halo. With so many setting types to choose from, you’re sure to find the romantic ruby engagement ring that your partner will love.

Are rubies good for engagement rings?

Rubies are incredibly durable gemstones, making them the perfect fit for engagement rings. A ruby and diamond engagement ring will bring beautiful style that lasts a lifetime.

What does a ruby engagement ring symbolize?

All engagement rings symbolize an everlasting connection. Adding romantic rubies to the mix enhances the symbolism of this jewelry. These red-hued gemstones are incredibly symbolic, embodying the romantic connection you share with your partner.

How do I choose a ruby ring for proposing?

When shopping for ruby wedding rings and engagement styles, consider your partner’s jewelry tastes. Darker rubies are a popular choice, but there are lighter gems available as well. If they already have this gemstone in their collection, such as stud earrings with darker rubies, you may want to opt for the deeper shades of ruby engagement rings. Be sure to look for rubies that have an even coloration throughout the gemstone. A ruby engagement ring with minimal inclusions and expert cuts will shine beautifully in any setting.

Can this jewelry be worn every day?

Yes, engagement rings with rubies can be worn every day. A ruby is incredibly durable and difficult to scratch, making it a fit for daily wear.

How do I find my partner’s ring size?

You can explore our online ring sizer portal to learn more about finding your partner’s perfect fit, whether that’s through measuring their existing jewelry or taking new measurements to find the right size. We offer ruby engagement rings in a wide range of sizes.

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