The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Photo of a woman's arm with diamond jewelry.

Celebrate your love for one another long after you’ve said “I do” with wedding anniversary gifts for every year of your marriage. Whether you’re looking to celebrate your spouse with traditional gifts, or you’d like to celebrate your anniversary with modern takes on the classic presents, our guide to wedding anniversary gifts by year can help you find the right present for your special someone.

Each passing year of your union is a chance to show appreciation and gratitude to your significant other, and what better way to do this than with a unique and sentimental gift? From paper on the first anniversary to diamonds for the 60th, there are so many traditional and less-traditional ways to celebrate these hugely meaningful milestones.

Traditional Vs Modern Anniversary Gifts By Year

When you’re searching for wedding anniversary gifts for any year, there are traditional presents for each year of your marriage to keep in mind. The gift for 1 year together will be entirely different from 25th or even 50th wedding anniversary gifts. There are also modern adaptations of common wedding anniversary gifts by year. Explore the classic traditional anniversary gifts by year and their modern counterparts.

Anniversary Year  Traditional Gift  Symbolism  Modern Gift  
1 Year Anniversary Gift  Paper Anniversary Gifts  Freshness of the union, strength and connectedness   Clocks 
2 Year Anniversary Gift  Cotton Anniversary Gifts  Flexibility and strength   China 
3 Year Anniversary Gift  Leather Anniversary Gifts  Durability and strong connection   Glass or Crystal 
4 Year Anniversary Gift  Flower Anniversary   A blossoming, fruitful union   Appliances 
5 Year Anniversary Gift  Wood Anniversary Gifts  Wisdom and stability   Flatware  
6 Year Anniversary Gift  Iron or Candy Anniversary Gifts  Strength and sweetness   Wood Items 
7 Year Anniversary Gift  Copper Anniversary Gifts  Good fortune, prosperity and beauty   Desk Sets 
8 Year Anniversary Gift  Bronze Anniversary Gifts  A lasting union by joining two different elements   Linen 
9 Year Anniversary Gift  Pottery Anniversary Gifts  Shaping of a relationship   Leather  
10 Year Anniversary Gift   Aluminum Anniversary Gift  Resilience and flexibility for each other   Diamond Jewelry  
15 Year Anniversary Gift  Crystal Anniversary Gifts  Clarity and strength  Watches 
18 Year Anniversary Gift  Porcelain Anniversary Gifts  Highlights the continued need to nurture the relationship  Pottery  
20th Anniversary Gift  China Anniversary Gifts  Balance between two people   Platinum 
25th Anniversary Gift  Silver Anniversary   Stability, love and warmth   Sterling Silver 
30th Anniversary Gift  Pearl Anniversary Gifts  Wisdom, love and dedication   Diamond 
35th Anniversary Gift  Coral Anniversary  Equilibrium between two partners, longevity  Jade 
40th Anniversary Gift  Ruby Anniversary  Passion, devotion and love  Ruby 
45th Anniversary Gift  Sapphire Anniversary  Faithfulness and love  Sapphire 
50th Anniversary Gift   Gold Anniversary  Prosperity and wisdom  Gold 
55th Anniversary Gift  Emerald Anniversary  Eternal commitment, good fortune   Emerald  
60th Anniversary Gift  Diamond Anniversary  Love and purity   Diamond  

Ultimately, your chosen gift should reflect your special connection and your partner’s personality. Modern and traditional anniversary gifts by year can help serve as inspiration for your gift shopping. Many people love gifting their husband or their wife the exact presents that match these traditional gifts, such as cards for paper anniversary gifts, cotton anniversary gifts for the second year of marriage or furniture for wood anniversary gifts. But for other couples, the best anniversary gifts are entirely different from the classic themes. It’s all about choosing whichever present you know your partner will appreciate.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas 


Papier luxury greetings cards and stationery


Traditional: Paper

Paper is traditionally the gift for your first wedding anniversary. “According to romantics, paper represents the start of your story being written together,” explains the team from Papier, the luxury greetings cards and stationery company. “One of our favourite first-anniversary gift ideas is personalizing a set of notecards for the two of you – your two names side by side is the perfect declaration of love.”

Paper is such a versatile category too, from concert tickets to your spouse’s favourite brand to LottoLove’s scratch-off cards, which provide essential things like clean water, nutritious meals and literacy tools to those who need them.

“I’ve only been married for three years, but I look forward to our wedding anniversary every year because it is one day we bring the focus back to each other,” says Laura Beck from LottoLove.

Non-Traditional: Wine & Champagne

Your first year of marriage is in the bag — it’s time to celebrate! “Wine is the perfect anniversary gift because it will transport you back in time to your cherished memories,” says the team at, the world’s largest wine store. “Chances are, you served wine on your wedding night, enjoyed a few bottles on your honeymoon and popped some bubbly after the birth of your first child. Celebrating an anniversary with the right bottle of wine invokes these precious moments while also creating a new moment to remember later on.”

Precious metal: Gold

Your first year of marriage will no doubt be filled with many precious moments. Gold is a beautiful way to invoke the shine of these memories. From more traditional yellow gold to modern rose gold, the options are endless.



Culinary Tools: Microplane 3 piece pizza night gift set

Traditional: Cotton

Cotton is the traditional gift for the second wedding anniversary, as the woven thread symbolizes the ways you have grown into each other over the past two years.

Non-Traditional: Culinary Tools

“Cooking and preparing meals or treats are a chance to release stress from the daily grind and to share in the experience of creating a delectable meal,” says the team at Microplane®, the premier makers of sharp cooking tools. “Early years couples will enjoy this pizza night set as an anniversary gift. Create homemade pizzas to enjoy with your favorite movie for a romantic night in.”

Gemstone: Garnet

The second wedding anniversary is celebrated with garnet.



Pearl necklace and earrings displayed on weathered wood by sea-shell


Traditional: Leather

The third wedding anniversary is about shelter and security so the traditional gift is leather, with its strong, protective properties. Shoes, leather-bound books and bags all make beautiful gifts for this anniversary.

Gemstone: Pearl

The stone for the third year of marriage is pearl. Cultivated in the sea, lustrous pearls make timeless jewelry designs, from classic pearl strand necklaces to solitaire pearl pendants and stud earrings.



Brightland extra virgin olive oils displayed near aromatics


Traditional: Fruit or Flowers

“The traditional gifts for the fourth wedding anniversary are fruit and flowers, which are symbols of creativity, hope, and renewal,” says the team at Brightland, the modern pantry essentials brand.

“Olives are technically fruits of the olive tree, making olive oil the perfect special gift for four-year anniversaries. Authentic olive oils will provide abundant nourishment to you and your loved ones for many breakfasts, lunches and dinners to come,” they say. The Duo set of extra virgin olive oils is a favorite traditional gift for a four-year anniversary.

Gemstone: Blue Topaz

This vibrant and durable stone is the traditional gem associated with the fourth wedding anniversary. Full of brightness and sparkle, Topaz symbolizes long life, wisdom and knowledge.



JK Adams Grafton cherry wood serving board with charcuterie


Traditional: Wood

“Wood manufacturing is a time-honored tradition, and when done well, makes for an heirloom piece worthy of the most important celebrations,” says JK Adams, the makers of premium wood kitchenware.

“JK Adams Grafton cherry wood serving boards can be personalized with significant other’s initials for something extra special.

Gemstone: Sapphire

Known for its velvety blue hue, sapphires are the traditional gemstone for 5th wedding anniversary gifts.



 COOKIE…take a bite! brand chocolate lover’s cookie collection in brown cookie tin


Traditional: Sweets and Chocolates

The 6th wedding anniversary is traditionally marked with iron or sweets. “Since iron doesn’t taste as good, we think cookies are a better bet,” says the team at artisan cookie makers COOKIE…take a bite! Share a decadent chocolate cookie from the Chocolate Lover’s Collection over a lovely bottle of red wine or have fun together creating your own celebratory tin with the Build Your Own Collection. Just be sure not to fight over the last cookie!

Gemstone: Amethyst

Mark your 6th year of marriage with amethyst. This soothing purple stone is believed to have healing and calming properties.



Six diamond anniversary rings of different styles


Non-Traditional: Diamond Jewelry

Congratulations, you have made it into double digits! The 10th wedding anniversary is definitely a time to look back at the past decade and celebrate. Aluminum and tin are the traditional gifts for this year, but a more modern (and sparkly) idea is diamond jewelry.



Man and Woman's wrists wearing wooden watches from WoodWatch


Non-Traditional: Watches

Crystal is the classic gift for your 15th wedding anniversary but this is truly a moment to reflect on time gone by, so it’s fitting that a watch is the modern gift idea for the 15th wedding anniversary.

“It’s a moment to be thankful for what you have and remember how far you have come,” says the team at WoodWatch, makers of sustainable, personalized watches. “Personalize your WoodWatch with a unique engraving for an extra special anniversary gift — the day you met, a cherished location or perhaps a meaningful quote. Add a heart emoji for a romantic touch!”

Gemstone: Ruby

The fiery crimson red of rubies makes them the perfect gift for your 15th wedding anniversary.



Collection of emerald earrings casting shadows on a blue background


Non-Traditional: Platinum

China is the traditional gift for the 20th wedding anniversary but we think platinum is a much stronger symbol of your bond over the past two decades. From rings to cuff links and bracelets, platinum is an incredible strong and durable precious metal, just like your union.


Gemstone: Emerald

The official gemstone for the 20th wedding anniversary is the rich green emerald.



5 strands of Premier Akoya, Pink Freshwater, and Tahitian pearls displayed on a white background

Traditional: Pearls

The official gift for the 30th wedding anniversary is pearls. These rare gifts from the sea are known for their incredible luster and brilliance, representing the long-lasting beauty of your union. When choosing a gift for your loved one, ensure you choose the best quality, like freshwater, Akoya, South Sea, and Tahitian cultured pearls.



Oval Ruby Earrings with Diamond Leaf Halos displayed on a white background


Traditional: Ruby

This special occasion is classically marked with the fiery red of rubies. Coveted for its opulent red color and durability, rubies sit just as well in a pendant as they do in a vintage style ring.



Byzantine gold necklace and earrings


Traditional: Gold

What an occasion the 50th wedding anniversary is — half a century of marriage! Often called the ‘Gold Wedding Anniversary’, this is truly a milestone moment in any couples’ life and one to be celebrated with family, friends and beautiful gifts. Gold is the classic gift for this anniversary, which signifies strength, wisdom and prosperity. Thankfully, this precious metal is incredibly versatile and comes in various shades, from white to rose and yellow, so you are sure to find the perfect gift for your lifelong soul mate.



Two young women in India drawing clean water from a well using a manual pump


Traditional: Charity

We couldn’t resist slipping this one in because the theme for the 59th year of marriage is charity. You have given so much to each other, and this year is a chance to give to someone else. Everyone has a cause that’s close to their heart, whether that be social, environmental or medical, so this is a great opportunity to do something really meaningful.

“Wedding anniversaries are a time to reflect and give thanks. For our donors, it can also be a time to pass on the gift and spread love to communities around the world,” says the team at Heifer International, whose goal it is to end world hunger and poverty.


Princess, cushion, and round diamonds on a blue background


Traditional: Diamonds

The Diamond Wedding Anniversary is an occasion like no other — sixty years of marriage, with all the joys and trials that come with it. To reflect your ever-lasting love, this wedding anniversary is traditionally marked with diamonds, the strongest and most valuable stones in the world.

When it comes to choosing something truly special for your loved-one, make sure you choose GIA-graded, conflict-free diamonds. Opt for something ready-made that you know your partner will love or create your own custom-made piece to mark this momentous occasion.

Anniversary Flower Ideas

Each anniversary can also be associated with specific flowers, gemstones or jewelry metals. Refer to the following list of wedding anniversary flowers, gemstones or jewelry styles to help with your gift shopping.

Anniversary Year Flower Gemstone or Jewelry  
1 Year Anniversary Gift Carnation Gold 
2 Year Anniversary Gift Cosmos Garnet 
3 Year Anniversary Gift Sunflower Pearl 
4 Year Anniversary Gift Geranium Blue Topaz 
5 Year Anniversary Gift Daisy Sapphire 
6 Year Anniversary Gift Calla Lilies Amethyst 
7 Year Anniversary Gift Freesia Onyx 
8 Year Anniversary Gift Clematis Tourmaline 
9 Year Anniversary Gift Poppy Lapis Lazuli  
10 Year Anniversary Gift  Daffodil Diamond 
15 Year Anniversary Gift Rose Ruby 
18 Year Anniversary Gift Roses or Tulips Cat’s-Eye Chrysoberyl 
20th Anniversary Gift Aster Emerald 
25th Anniversary Gift Iris Silver 
30th Anniversary Gift Lily Pearl 
35th Anniversary Gift Coral Roses Emerald 
40th Anniversary Gift Gladiolus Ruby 
45th Anniversary Gift Blue Iris Sapphire 
50th Anniversary Gift  Yellow Roses or Violets Gold 
55th Anniversary Gift Green Foliage  Alexandrite 
60th Anniversary Gift Orchids Diamond 

Many people also love giving the gift of birthstone jewelry as an anniversary present. To take the birthstone route, choose the gem that corresponds to the month in which you got married.

DIY and Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas

A quality gift comes from the heart, and many gifts can be made by hand for a special touch of extra meaning. Consider making a DIY piece of pottery at your local crafting studio, with many cities having studios where couples can paint pottery together to celebrate their 9th or 18th wedding anniversary.

Many wood anniversary gifts can also have a DIY touch, such as presents that are custom-built for your spouse. This can include a ring tray, charcuterie board or other home décor items you customize for your partner. For DIY cotton anniversary gifts, consider crafting cross-stitch wall art or ordering a customized blanket for your significant other.

Many great do it yourself wedding anniversary gifts aren’t necessarily in the themes of their respective years. A homecooked meal that replicates your wedding catering menu is a heartfelt gift that brings meaning without matching the annual gift themes.

Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries

There are many different ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Some couples opt for exchanging traditional or modern gifts while others favor experiential celebrations like a special vacation or meal together. Every couple is unique, so the best approach to celebrating your anniversary is to focus on what means the most to you and your spouse.

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