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Couple Bracelets

Celebrate a special connection with couple bracelets for you and your special someone. Whether you’re opting for matching gold bracelets or complementary silver styles, our bracelets for couples are the perfect way to honor your connection. Choose from our selection of matching bracelets for couples along with unique designs that can symbolize your unity. Our couples bracelets are available in gold, silver or platinum and can include details such as diamonds, gemstones or engravings.
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Engravable yellow gold bracelet for couples

FAQs about Couple Bracelets

What are couple bracelets?

Also known as distance bracelets, couple bracelets are bracelets that two people wear to remind them of their special connection with each other. They're often given between romantic partners but can also serve as an updated take on the classic friendship bracelet for a platonic connection.

Is this kind of jewelry style new?

Today's style of modern couple bracelets echo jewelry trends of decades past, especially when they are worn to connect a couple over long distances. In Victorian times, gate bracelets with heart-shaped padlocks were a fashionable style that women would wear to feel connected to their partners during long periods of distance.

What styles are popular for his and hers bracelets?

We offer a wide selection of bracelets for couples including cuffs, bangles and chain-focused designs. The most popular styles are designs in precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

Do bracelets for couples need to match perfectly?

These days, bracelets for couples and distance bracelets are available in many different styles. For a meaningful look, people opt for matching bracelets. 

If you’re looking to wear couples bracelets while still keeping your personal style, many people opt to wear bracelets with similar elements but different designs. This can look like choosing men's and women’s styles in a similar metal but with different designs or choosing a unifying element such as keeping the same kinds of gemstones in the two different bracelets. Another option for matching elements is to choose a bracelet with engravings.

What does this jewelry signify?

Matching bracelets can represent a wide range of meanings including showcasing the special bond between two people. Today, matching fine jewelry bracelets are commonly worn to represent a lasting commitment between two romantic partners.

Who can wear matching bracelets?

This jewelry is most commonly worn by couples. His and hers bracelets, distance bracelets and relationship bracelets are available in a variety of designs to match any style.

What is the purpose of couples bracelets?

Couples bracelets can be given as gifts for an anniversary, tokens of affection, symbolic jewelry to span distances or simply because they’re stylish.

Can this jewelry be personalized?

Several of our couples bracelets can be personalized with engravings that are special for you and your loved one. If you’re choosing engravable his and hers bracelets, consider adding a special message, your anniversary date or any other meaningful words to the jewelry.

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