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Paperclip Bracelets

Bring trendy style to your look with a paperclip bracelet. Identified by their repeating pattern of long rectangular links joined together, paperclip chain bracelets are an excellent addition to any jewelry collection. These iconic bracelets can be worn on their own for a fashionable look or paired with other bracelets in a stack. Find the perfect paperclip bracelet for yourself or give one of these staple bracelets as a gift.
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14k yellow gold paperclip bracelet at a 7.5" length.

FAQs about Paperclip Bracelets

What is a paperclip bracelet?

This jewelry style is identified by the iconic paperclip chain. This chain style features elongated rectangular links that are joined together in a repeating horizontal pattern for bracelets. A paperclip bracelet features this chain design. They can feature the chain on its own or include other styles as well such as diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies and other gemstones.

Are paperclip chains in style?

Today's paperclip bracelets are very much in style, bringing a silhouette that echoes 80s styles. We offer a wide selection of gold paperclip chain bracelets that incorporate today’s biggest trends including high-polished white gold and gemstone pairings.

Is this kind of bracelet popular?

Yes, paperclip bracelets are very popular. 14k gold is the most requested metal for paperclip chain bracelets with white and yellow gold as the most in-demand metals for this classic look.

How are these bracelets styled?

Versatile bracelets in the paperclip style can be coordinated with any look. For a casual outfit, bring a thin paperclip chain bracelet to the look. A thicker statement-making paperclip bracelet can be the perfect finishing touch for a formal outfit. With plain metal designs and gemstone-focused styles, these bracelets are incredibly flexible in terms of styling. They can be worn as the only jewelry in an outfit or paired with matching necklaces.

What designs are available?

Solid gold paperclip chain bracelets are our most popular option, with links of varying thicknesses to match any style. Choose from dainty 2.4mm bracelets or statement-making 7mm styles. We offer white gold, yellow gold and rose gold paperclip chains with plain metal designs and styles with gemstones including garnets, pearls, amethysts, peridots and topaz gems. We also offer unique bracelets with paperclip chains that feature multiple rows of the iconic paperclip style in one bracelet. Other bracelets include rows of pearls accompanied by rows of paperclip chains all together on one bracelet.

Can you wear paperclip bracelets in a stack?

Absolutely! Bracelets with paperclip chains are perfect for stacking. Pair a dainty paperclip bracelet with a bangle for a shing metal stack. For textural contrast, pair your favorite thick paperclip bracelet with a tennis bracelet.

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