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Lab Grown Diamond Bracelets

Perfectly sparkling, affordable and designed for timeless style, our lab created diamond bracelets are ideal for gifts, celebrations or just because. We are proud to offer a leading selection of lab grown diamond bracelets including tennis bracelets with rows of lab made diamonds. Available in a variety of carat total weights, diamond cuts and precious metals, our lab diamond bracelets are an excellent addition to any jewelry collection.
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Lab Grown Diamond Bracelets

FAQs about Lab Grown Diamond Bracelets

Do lab grown diamond bracelets test as real?

Lab grown tennis bracelets and other styles with lab created diamonds will test as real diamonds. This is because lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, they’re just made here above ground. They'll bring endless brilliance and lasting sparkle just like tennis bracelets made from natural ones.

How do lab grown diamond tennis bracelets compare to natural ones?

Price is the biggest difference between tennis bracelets made with lab diamonds and natural ones. Lab grown diamond bracelets are often priced lower than their natural counterparts. This not because lab diamonds are lower quality, but mainly because they’re not as rare as natural diamonds. In terms of brilliance, durability, strength and optical qualities, natural and lab diamond bracelets are virtually indistinguishable.

How do you style lab created diamond bracelets?

It's easy to style a lab grown diamond bracelet with additional pieces for a full wrist stack. If you’re pairing your lab tennis bracelet with a watch, make sure the bracelet fits a little looser than the wristwatch. For additional stylish pairings, match your lab tennis bracelet or other diamond styles with plain metal styles in matching colors. Matching a yellow gold 14k lab diamond tennis bracelet with gold bracelets in similar colors can create a stylish stack. When in doubt, wear the combinations that best match your personal style and don’t forget to have fun with it!

What is the best way to care for this kind of jewelry?

Bracelets featuring lab created diamonds are just as durable as ones with natural gems. To keep your bracelet in sparkling shape, clean it regularly with a specialized jewelry cleaning solution.

Are lab grown diamond bracelets good gifts?

Affordable, brilliant and endlessly classic, lab diamond tennis bracelets are the perfect gift for any occasion.

How much do lab grown diamond bracelets cost?

Lab diamond bracelets are priced lower than ones featuring natural diamonds. The exact price of a bracelet with lab created diamonds will depend on the bracelet’s design complexity, its precious metals and the number of diamonds it includes.

What is CTW in a lab bracelet?

CTW stands for carat total weight. This number indicates the total number of carats for all of the lab created diamonds in a piece of jewelry.

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