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Heart Bracelets

Heart bracelets are a classic piece of women's jewelry that never goes out of style. Whether you prefer a sturdy locket or a dainty woven chain, find a heart bracelet to complement any look. Discover our platinum, diamond and gold heart bracelets to find the ideal addition to your jewelry box.
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Heart Bracelets

FAQs about Heart Bracelets

How much are heart bracelets?

Our heart bracelets range from $60 to $1,972 or more depending on the type of metal used and if the bracelet includes diamonds or gemstones.

How do you clean a heart bracelet?

To clean a heart bracelet at home, mix a small amount of mild soap in warm water. With a soft bristle brush scrub the bracelet gently and then place the bracelet in lukewarm water to rinse. Our gentle jewelry cleanser is great for cleaning heart bracelets.

How do I style a heart bracelet?

Style your heart bracelet depending on the metal and thickness of the chain. We love a thick chained heart bracelet layered with smaller, daintier bracelets—or try matching a petite heart bracelet with a watch or matching rings

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