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Opal Engagement Rings

For a special engagement, choose the unique look of an opal engagement ring. This captivating gemstone showcases stunning iridescent beauty set in timeless metals. Whether you choose an opal solitaire or a ring that includes a halo of diamonds, opal engagement rings are sure to stand out. It’s important to note that opals aren’t suitable for daily wear, because they’re fairly soft and sensitive to water.
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Opal Engagement Rings

FAQs about Opal Engagement Rings

What are opal engagement rings?

This type of engagement ring features an opal as the center stone instead of a traditional diamond.

What is the meaning of opal gemstone engagement rings?

The opal symbolizes faithfulness, making it a great option for engagement rings. This gemstone’s unique paly-of-color can also represent the beauty of your relationship with your partner, showcasing different aspects that all work together in one beautiful union.

What metal looks best with opals?

The versatile white tone of an opal makes it a beautiful choice with an array of different metals. Keep the look bright and crisp with a white gold or platinum setting.

What types of gemstones are used in engagement rings?

Opals aren't the only gemstones featured in engagement rings. Sapphires, morganite, topaz, and rubies are just a few of the many gemstone options.

How much are opal engagement rings?

Metal type, ring complexity and additional gemstones will all influence the cost of opal engagement rings. Our opal wedding rings and engagement pieces start at several hundred dollars and go up into the thousands.

What does this gemstone represent?

This October birthstone is often believed to represent the qualities of all other gemstones, due to its play-of-color that incorporates many different hues and textures. As an engagement ring gemstone, opal often represents the unique relationship between two people and their everlasting connection.

How should opal be incorporated in a ring?

This gemstone is on the softer side, it’s a 6.5 on the Mohs scale. For comparison, diamonds are a perfect 10. This means that opals are susceptible to scratching, chipping or cracking if they are not properly cared for. One of the most popular choices for protecting this gem is to combine it with other gemstones, creating a stronger and more visually complex piece. For example, an opal and diamond engagement ring offers opal’s iconic beauty with additional diamonds to offer a halo of protection (and sparkle!) around this gem.

Is opal ok for an engagement ring?

Considering an opal wedding ring set or engagement ring? This soft gemstone offers unparalleled beauty but it also requires a little extra care. Opal is not recommended for daily wear, especially if the wearer often works with their hands. Many people choose opal rings to wear on special occasions. There are also many opal wearers who attest to the staying power of these rings and choose to wear their opal wedding rings daily. Proper care is the best way to keep this gemstone in shining shape.

What is the best way to care for opal engagement rings?

As with all engagement rings, opal rings should be kept away from harsh chemicals. Avoid leaving opals submerged in water or knocking them into things. Harsh blows, unprotected temperature changes and contact with rough surfaces can damage opals. It's best to be delicate with opal wedding rings and engagement pieces to prevent damage. Do not wear the rings in the shower, while swimming or to sleep and make sure to store them in a dedicated jewelry box.

Do these rings last?

When properly cared for, engagement rings with opals can become heirloom pieces for future generations to cherish.

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